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Alert Homeowner Shot Intruders and Saved his Family in Newport Beach during Targeted Home Invasion

Alert Homeowner Shot Intruders and Saved his Family in Newport Beach during Targeted Home Invasion

Newport Beach, CA: One person has died after a homeowner opened fire on intruders during a targeted house invasion in Newport Beach. The two intruders broke into the house when the alert homeowner shot both of them. One of the intruders died while the other was still in the hospital.

Two robbers allegedly stormed into a multi-million dollar property on the Newport Coast early Tuesday morning, taking the homeowner and his family hostage. The homeowner was alerted and quickly sprang into action.

An alleged home invasion in a gated, wealthy area near the intersection of Pelican Hill Road and Newport Coast Drive was reported to the Newport Beach Police Department at approximately 4:45 in the morning. According to the caller, they also shot one of the criminals.

Authorities discovered a wounded suspect and a weapon on the street when they arrived at the location. He is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital after being transported there. We do not know his condition.

Searches were initiated after investigators learned of a second suspect. A second suspect was apprehended in the bushes by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter, which was important in assisting with the investigation. They discovered his body shortly afterward; he had shot himself in the head.

Authorities think the family was a target and that the suspects may have gained entry to their home because they knew one of them.

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Police in Newport Beach, Orange County, were looking into reports of a probable house invasion. The police had no idea how the criminals breached the neighborhood’s high-security gates. Several locals have expressed their disbelief at this case.

“It’s just totally unique to this neighborhood,” Don Danks remarked. “This is really unprecedented for us. This is my home of thirty years.

According to sources who spoke with Fox 11, the police were summoned to a separate residence in the same gated Newport Beach area over the past few weeks for a break-in.

According to the Newport Beach Police Department, this event was isolated and community safety is their utmost concern.

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