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Alabama Mother Lands in Jail after Son Died from Tragic Abuse by Boyfriend: Authorities

Alabama Mother Lands in Jail after Son Died from Tragic Abuse by Boyfriend: Authorities

A 30-year-old mother from Alabama has been sentenced to over 20 years in prison for her involvement in the tragic death of her 18-month-old son. The child was brutally beaten to death by her boyfriend five years ago.

A judge in Blount County has sentenced Samantha McCormack to 25 years in a state correctional facility for the 2019 slaying of young Enzo McCormack. The judge’s decision comes after Samantha McCormack made a stop to buy cigarettes on her way to the emergency room.

Samantha McCormack has admitted to committing a serious crime involving the abuse of a child.

Last year, Robert Elmore Jr., the boyfriend, was convicted of capital murder for intentionally killing a person under 14 years old. He was also found guilty of aggravated child abuse of a child under 6 years old. As a result, he was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. Elmore was convicted of aggravated abuse after he brutally assaulted Enzo’s brother.

Emergency medical personnel from Blount County responded to an incident at the Locust Fork Grocery & Hardware/Marathon Petroleum on AL-79. The incident involved an unresponsive toddler and occurred on September 6, 2019, at around 7 p.m. The store is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Birmingham.

Upon arriving at the scene, first responders observed the toddler in a state of limpness, unresponsiveness, and with a bluish complexion. A child was swiftly transported to the Locust Fort Volunteer Fire Department and subsequently transferred to Alabama Children’s Hospital in critical condition.

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Enzo was kept on a ventilator until September 9, 2019. Unfortunately, doctors concluded that he had no brain activity and there were no further options available to assist the child, as reported by Birmingham CBS affiliate WIAT.

McCormack informed investigators that she was at home with her children when she witnessed Enzo experiencing a choking episode while eating cereal. After some time, she made the decision to bring him to the hospital. According to reports, McCormack made an unexpected stop at Locust Fork to purchase a pack of cigarettes while on her way to seek medical attention for her son, as a family member worked there.

A family member discovered Enzo unresponsive in the car and immediately contacted emergency services.

During police questioning, Elmore stated that on September 6, 2019, while he was holding Enzo, the toddler accidentally pulled one of his chest hairs, resulting in him dropping the boy.

During the trial, a doctor provided testimony stating that Enzo experienced significant head trauma and severe acceleration and deceleration injuries resulting from forceful shaking, as reported by WIAT. In addition, the young child sustained a fractured skull.

McCormack temporarily lost custody of her children in October 2018, but was able to regain custody in June 2019 as reported by Law and Crime.

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