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Alabama Couple Charged with Drug Charges and Chemical Endangerment of Kids after a Traffic Stop

Alabama Couple Charged with Drug Charges and Chemical Endangerment of Kids after a Traffic Stop

Montgomery, AL: Arrests were made following a car stop due to the discovery of drugs in a car. The arrested individuals also had kids with them in the car.

The Elmore County Jail was the immediate destination of Prattville residents Tyler Montgomery, 30, and Ashley Little, 35.

Elmore County deputy sheriffs pulled down a car earlier this month for weaving and other violations of traffic laws, as stated in court records. Montgomery popped open the glove compartment to get necessary papers like the driver’s license and vehicle registration while behind the wheel.

Along with “an overwhelming aroma of marijuana,” the deputy noted two little toddlers in the vehicle.

Along with two other people, Little was seated in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. The adults were escorted out of the vehicle while the deputy searched. During the search, the deputy discovered that the pill bottle had been relocated to a location next to the radio. The kids were discovered next to a broken glass pipe.

Little and Montgomery were confronted by the deputy. Marijuana and methamphetamine were also discovered during the search.

After being contacted, the Alabama Department of Human Resources assumed care of the children and later transferred them to the family of Montgomery.

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A home visit was carried out the next morning, according to the deputy’s statement in the report.

According to the other adults who spoke with the deputies, the purpose for the delay was to cover up any signs of drug usage. Little was given some things while others were buried at the children’s feet.

The time between the arrest and booking was relatively unsearched.

A total of sixteen accusations were brought against Little, including chemical endangerment of minors, two counts of possession of controlled substances, encouraging prison contraband, second-degree possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and tampering with physical evidence. She is able to post a bond in the amount of $83,000.

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Four counts of chemical endangerment of minors, two counts of first-degree possession of marijuana, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with physical evidence, inappropriate lane usage, and failure to signal were brought against Montgomery. He posted a bond of $53,000.

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