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Additional Arrests Made For Trespassing At Abandoned Downtown La High Rise Vandalised With Graffiti

Additional Arrests Made For Trespassing At Abandoned Downtown La High Rise Vandalised With Graffiti

Los Angeles, CA: Additional arrests have been made outside the infamous abandoned high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles, which gained widespread attention after a video showcasing extensive graffiti on every floor went viral in February.

“There have been several arrests made in the past 24 hours of individuals leaving the ‘PRIVATE PROPERTY’ of Oceanside Plaza,” stated a post on X by the Los Angeles Police Department. “Several spray paint cans and an illegal firearm were found during the arrests.”

The building at 12th Street and S. Flower Street has captured the interest of numerous Angelenos lately. Some perceive the numerous stories of graffiti as a form of art, while others consider it to be an unpleasant sight, especially when viewed from the nearby I-10 Freeway.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore addressed the issue on his personal account, stating that efforts are being made to remove the graffiti and strengthen the location as the City mobilizes resources.

According to him, their continuous endeavors aim to avert any potential disaster or unfortunate event.

“This does not qualify as art.” “It’s a crime,” he exclaimed.

The exact number of arrests made over the weekend is still uncertain.

Last week, four individuals were apprehended for reportedly entering the premises without permission. The individuals have been identified as Sebastian Gutierrez, 29, Andrew Rios, 30, Mauro Aguilar, 35, and Jessie Carreon, 44.

In addition, two individuals were also apprehended for alleged trespassing the previous week.

Legal action is being pursued by Los Angeles city leaders against the building’s developer, who is based in China. Efforts are underway to eliminate the graffiti.

Construction on the group of towers abruptly stopped in 2019 due to financial difficulties faced by the developer.

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