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Accused Found Guilty in a Jury Trial after Stabbing a Woman to Death

Accused Found Guilty in a Jury Trial  after Stabbing a Woman to Death

Dallas, Texas: Lisa Dykes is accused of the murder of Marisela Botello-Valadez. Lisa, 60, killed 23-year old Marisela. It is suspected that she killed her out of jealousy.

The accused was brought to a jury on Tuesday. From the witness stand, Dykes confronted the Dallas County jury that will determine her fate. Dykes claimed she didn’t even know Botello-Valadez and that she received a call while picking up a package at a nearby FedEx distribution center.

The place where was picking up the package was very close to the place where Botello-Valadez’s body was dumped.

The stabbing incident happened in October 2020. According to prosecutors, after meeting Botello-Valadez at a night out in Deep Ellum, Dykes became enraged and jealous and fatally stabbed her. They say that the primary cause that fuelled the stabbing was that Dykes had caught Botello-Valadez in bed with Charles Beltran.

Prosecutors claimed that Dykes and her partner Nina Marano had a three-way relationship with the so-called “rapper.” On the other hand, Dykes claimed during the Tuesday deposition that she met Beltran because of a business venture.

Accused Found Guilty in a Jury Trial  after Stabbing a Woman to Death

Botello-Valadez went missing after meeting Beltran in October 2020. She had traveled to Dallas from Seattle to meet him. Her body was discovered in a Wilmer wooded area in March 2021, several months after her death.

Dykes testified before the jury that she and Marano went to a FedEx Distribution Center in the area because Marano is a lawyer and was anticipating a package.

Along with Dykes, Marano and Beltran were also charged with murder; however, those charges have since been withdrawn. Dykes pinned the majority of the blame on Beltran on Tuesday, even though Beltran had already testified in her murder trial.

On December 25, 2021, Dykes and Marano both disconnected their ankle monitors and left the nation. Later, they were apprehended in Cambodia. Dykes stated to the jury on the stand that the reason the two left was because they felt unfairly targeted by the accusations.

Dykes is now found guilty of the murder charges. She is sentenced to a lifetime prison.

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