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Abortion Doors Open from Arizona to California; AZ Doctors can Come to California and Perform Procedure: Newsom

Abortion Doors Open from Arizona to California; AZ Doctors can Come to California and Perform Procedure: Newsom

Under a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, Arizona doctors are now able to temporarily provide abortion services to their patients in California.

Arizonans now have the opportunity to access legal abortion services from their doctors in California for the coming months. In response to a recent ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court, a law that had been dormant for many years has now been reinstated. This law, originally passed in 1864, prohibits almost all abortions in Arizona, without any provisions for cases of rape or incest.

In 2022, the Supreme Court’s decision resulted in states gaining the authority to establish their own abortion laws. Over 20 states have implemented abortion bans of different degrees. The implementation of the Civil War-era ban in Arizona remains uncertain, with no clear timeline in sight. However, the Democrats in charge of California’s Legislature were not willing to take any risks.

A new law in California has been implemented, allowing licensed doctors from Arizona to provide abortion services to their patients in California until the end of November.

The repeal may potentially take effect in the fall, at the earliest. The state Supreme Court has granted a stay on enforcement until Sept. 26, and there is a possibility of further delay due to a 45-day stay granted in a separate but related case.

The 1864 law in Arizona was swiftly repealed by the state Legislature, and Governor Katie Hobbs wasted no time in signing the repeal into law. However, the repeal will only come into effect after the conclusion of the Arizona state Legislature’s session, typically occurring in June or July, with a waiting period of 90 days.

At present, abortions in Arizona are permitted up to 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Doctors licensed in Arizona who wish to perform abortions in California will still need to complete an application. However, if the doctors fulfill specific criteria, the law mandates that California regulators must approve their application within five business days.

He promised to create a safe haven for individuals from other states who are seeking abortions. California has implemented numerous laws to safeguard abortion access, including allocating $20 million in taxpayer funds to assist patients from other states in traveling to California for abortion services.

Unfortunately, the law signed by Newsom on Thursday does not allocate any additional funds to assist Arizona patients in traveling to California for abortions. However, Newsom collaborated with the advocacy group Red Wine and Blue to secure funding from private donors, enabling Arizona patients to travel to California.

An organization based in Ohio, founded by the Arizona Freedom Trust, aims to bring together suburban women. According to its website, it had raised just over $111,000 towards its nearly $500,000 goal.

Newsom and his Democratic allies in the state Legislature acted swiftly to pass this law. However, certain Republicans expressed doubts about its necessity, considering the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the enforcement of the Arizona law and the opposition of the state’s top officials to its implementation.

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