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A New Gun Bill in Tennessee Would Allow Weapons To Certain People Without Restrictions

A New Gun Bill in Tennessee Would Allow Weapons To Certain People Without Restrictions

Nashville, Tennessee: A bill was recently introduced in Tennessee, proposing a measure that would grant individuals with specific permits the ability to carry firearms in establishments that currently prohibit or restrict them.

A new bill, HB 2032, was recently filed by Representative Jody Barrett, R-Dickson.

This change will eliminate penalties for individuals carrying a weapon in a building where it is prohibited or restricted. It will specifically benefit those with an enhanced handgun carry permit, granting them the ability to carry inside.

The Bills are discussed below in brief:

HB 2035

This legislation supersedes all local laws and regulations related to extreme risk protection orders. It declares any federal measures enforcing such orders to be invalid and creates a misdemeanor offense for attempting to enforce them.

HB 7043

This legislation allows individuals with an enhanced handgun carry permit to carry a handgun on school property unless the school already has armed security in place. It also removes certain exemptions that previously allowed law enforcement officers to possess firearms on school property. Additionally, it grants certain community corrections officers the authority to possess a handgun on school property.

HB 0746

This proposal eliminates the ability of any person or organization to restrict the possession of weapons at meetings or on their property. It also removes the legal consequences for possessing a weapon in a building or on posted property.

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