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A 5-week-old Infant had 16 Broken Bones after Doctors Examined Him; Mom used to Beat-up Infant nearly after Birth in California: Cops

A 5-week-old Infant had 16 Broken Bones after Doctors Examined Him; Mom used to Beat-up Infant nearly after Birth in California: Cops

Upon arrival at the California hospital, the 5-week-old baby boy displayed limited mobility in his left arm.

A tragic incident unfolded as Baby Esteban suffered a fractured skull, among other injuries, allegedly caused by his mother’s repeated acts of violence towards her 5-week old baby, who was inconsolable.

The infant had multiple injuries, including broken ribs and fractures in the knee, elbow, and finger.

Mirian Jimenez-Olivera, 34, is facing 11 felony counts of child abuse, according to reports.

Edgar Busto-Rodriguez, 35, is facing a serious charge of accessory after the fact. Prosecutors allege that he attempted to conceal his wife’s abuse of their son by providing false information to the police regarding the infant’s injuries.

“A mother’s arms should be the ultimate sanctuary for a newborn, providing unwavering protection from the outside world,” stated Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. However, for little Esteban, his mother’s arms became a source of harm, causing harm to his fragile bones due to his persistent crying.

The parents from Santa Ana, Calif., have entered pleas of not guilty to the charges. According to prosecutors, Jimenez-Olivera is accused of assaulting her baby from a very young age.

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According to prosecutors, the mother allegedly responded to her newborn’s cries by physically harming him on several occasions.” She is also alleged to have handled his leg roughly while changing him.

Later, on May 13, the 5-week-old baby was taken to Children’s Hospital of Orange County. According to prosecutors, his arm was rendered immobile due to the severity of his injuries.

“It is truly heartbreaking to think of a child being born into a world of such immense suffering, enduring pain in silence, and living in constant fear of their mother’s violent outbursts,” Spitzer expressed in the statement.

Spitzer praised the hospital workers for their incredible efforts in saving this helpless baby from the unimaginable circumstances of his birth.

If found guilty on all charges, the mother could potentially be sentenced to up to 42 years in state prison. The father could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison.

Esteban’s parents are currently being held in custody on bonds of $1 million each.

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