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A 16-year-old Died after School Bullies slammed her head against a wall in Los Angeles; Friend shows Video to Cops

A 16-year-old Died after School Bullies slammed her head against a wall in Los Angeles; Friend shows Video to Cops

Los Angeles, CA: A 16-year-old girl has passed away following her mother’s account of her injuries sustained in a fight at school. According to her, nobody from the school intervened when the bullies started picking on the girl.

Two female students at Manual Arts High School in South Los Angeles got into a violent fight in the school’s restroom, as captured on cell phone footage.

Shaylee Mejia, the victim, is seen in the video falling and getting her head banged on a stall.

Devastated, Maria Juarez, the girl’s mother, thinks the toilet altercation was the cause of her daughter’s death.

About eight months ago, Mejia started classes at Manual Arts High following Juarez’s (a single mother of two) transfer into a new apartment.

According to her, Mejia started returning home with bruises all over after a few months of school, likely from fights.

She apparently reported the incident to school authorities and the campus police, and they did nothing until she took pictures of the injuries.

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As this was going on, her daughter was still the subject of school bullies, and her friends had videotaped multiple altercations.

According to Juarez, who spoke about her daughter’s involvement in a fight at school on March 5, she chose not to inform her because she didn’t want to raise concern. Mejia was concerned about her mother’s job security because Juarez is the family’s main breadwinner and a cleaner.

According to Juarez, her daughter went to school despite complaining of a headache for a few days.

Saturday night was Juarez’s final chance to see her daughter alive; she went out to a party later that week.

A friend informed her that her daughter had passed out at the party and was taken to the hospital in a hurry. According to the doctors, she had brain damage that caused a deadly hemorrhage.

Mejia was declared dead six days later, on March 15, after never regaining consciousness.

News of the brutal altercation on March 5th initially reached Juarez following her daughter’s death.

She asserted that school administrators did nothing after she showed them footage of the clashes. Her daughter’s death has left her blaming the school.

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On the evening of Mejia’s admission, policemen were dispatched to the hospital, according to the Los Angeles police. Her death’s cause is still being investigated. She allegedly fell down a flight of stairs that night, and detectives are looking into the possibility.

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