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953 Affordable Housing Units Announced after Devastating Tornadoes in Kentucky

953 Affordable Housing Units Announced after Devastating Tornadoes in Kentucky

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has unveiled a remarkable $223 million investment in affordable rental units for the Western Kentucky communities impacted by the devastating 2021 tornadoes.

Kentucky and the Kentucky Housing Corporation are partnering to construct 953 rental units in Christian, Graves, Hopkins, and Warren counties, which were severely impacted by tornadoes. A total of over $130 million will be invested in Bowling Green and Warren County to develop 635 units, as stated in a press release.

The Office of Governor Beshear announced that this investment represents a significant milestone for the Department for Local Government and the Kentucky Housing Corporation. It is the largest housing development project ever undertaken by these organizations, with funding provided by Kentucky’s Disaster Recovery Program.

A new housing development is set to be built, offering affordable apartments for individuals and families with moderate and low incomes. Measures will be implemented to ensure that rental costs remain reasonable, making housing units more affordable.

The majority of the units will consist of 2-3 bedrooms, along with a combination of 4 bedroom and single bedroom units.

“We are committed to restoring every structure, home, and life that was impacted by the devastating tornadoes that struck Western Kentucky in 2021,” Governor Beshear stated. This is a significant stride in fulfilling our commitment. We are pleased to announce the arrival of new housing units in areas that have long been in need of affordable housing. Our commitment to addressing the housing needs across Kentucky remains unwavering.

The construction of these units is anticipated to commence by spring of 2025 at the latest. Kentucky residents who meet the requirements will have the opportunity to apply for leasing the apartments once they are closer to being finished.

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