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9 Injured in Riot in California Prison; Prompted Statewide Warning

9 Injured in Riot in California Prison; Prompted Statewide Warning

Blythe, CA: Approximately 200 prisoners escaped from a jail in Southern California, leading to the hospitalization of nine people. Multiple individuals, including prison officers and an inmate, sustained injuries during a tumultuous incident at Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, California, as reported by the California Department of Prison and Rehabilitation.

Approximately 200 prisoners aggressively confronted law enforcement officers in the yard, using rocks and fists as weapons. The authorities were escorting an inmate through the jail for a contraband investigation when the incident occurred.

Law enforcement utilized chemical agents and non-lethal impact rounds to control the individual, following the discharge of a cautionary shot from a rifle. According to officials, eight employees and one prisoner were returned to the facility after receiving care at a nearby hospital.

The authorities did not immediately disclose the extent of their injuries. Ironwood, founded in 1994, is a minimum-medium security prison situated in the desert east of Los Angeles. It currently accommodates more than 2,500 male prisoners.

A 200-person prisoner riot at a Riverside County institution on Wednesday morning has led to a threat assessment at all California prisons.

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