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83-Year-Old Trans-Serial Killer To Face Court 3rd Time in Brooklyn

83-Year-Old Trans-Serial Killer To Face Court 3rd Time in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NYC: During the mid-1970s, New York City faced a period of intense fear following a string of murders that deeply impacted the city’s residents.

Harvey, who identifies as transgender and previously went by the name Harvey Marcelin, is set to go on trial on March 1, 2024. The situation leading to her capture is quite unusual, to say the least.

An 83-year-old individual was taken into custody in March 2022 following the discovery of “Susan Leyden’s torso in a shopping cart in Brooklyn last week.” Officials shared a video showing Harvey perched on what they suspect was Leyden’s severed leg as he cruised on a scooter through a 99 Cent store.

During a search of Harvey’s apartment, authorities discovered a human head along with an electric saw, according to WABC. According to surveillance footage, Leyden was last spotted entering Harvey’s apartment on February 27. Three days later, Harvey departed from her apartment with a trash bag in hand. Officials suspect that Leyden’s torso was found inside the bag.

Chief of Detectives James Essig stated to the press that Harvey’s arrest in March 2022 removed a dangerous individual from the streets.

Later in 1985, Harvey stabbed another girlfriend and once more dismembered her body, 20 years after the previous incident. Her remains were discovered in multiple bags in Central Park.

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