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8-year-old was nearly Kidnapped in San Diego, Father fought the Kidnapper, Bystanders intervened to catch the Kidnapper

8-year-old was nearly Kidnapped in San Diego, Father fought the Kidnapper, Bystanders intervened to catch the Kidnapper

San Diego, CA: An 8-year-old boy was nearly kidnapped in San Diego. The kid’s father jumped on the kidnapper quickly to sav the kid. By-standers also intervened to save the boy and catch the kidnapper.

Thrilling footage captured the near-kidnapping of an 8-year-old California boy on the same day his family was celebrating the launch of their new business.

On Friday, 38-year-old Christopher Aaron Higginbotham entered a not-guilty plea to charges of attempted kidnapping and false imprisonment. The allegations stem from footage captured by a security camera, which NBC San Diego reports showed Higginbotham reportedly attempting to abduct Adrian Villanueva’s son.

Villanueva observed Higginbotham’s strange behavior as he paced erratically outside his new deli in Ocean Beach on March 22, while he was watching his son play outside.

As things swiftly deteriorated, Villanueva was closely observing his son and Higginbotham.

Allegedly, Higginbotham snatched Villanueva’s youngster from his arms and ran away with him into the street in an instant.

Lucky for the father, some kind strangers in the area came running over to apprehend Higginbotham and hold him until the cops could come and arrest him.

Prosecutors informed the media that Creep has a long history of violent offenses after Higginbotham’s arrest.

After allegedly hitting someone in the face and then brandishing a fencing sword in Imperial Beach in 2016, he was charged with felony assault.

The news source states that in August he reportedly used a metal stick to strike someone in the jaw.

Prosecutors informed the news source that at an unspecified hour, Higginbotham reportedly assaulted two individuals at Ocean Beach in a separate incident, leading to the additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Ring Leaders having a long history with MS-13 arrested in San Diego

On Friday, at his hearing, The judge deemed him a danger to society, thus denying him bail, as reported by the site.

A protective order was also given to Villanueva’s kid against Higginbotham by the court.

On conviction for attempted kidnapping and wrongful detention, his maximum sentence may be four years.

The next court date for Higginbotham is April 9.

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