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8-year-old Found Dead in Home; Mom Arrested for Strangling Him to Death in Ohio; Two Other Brothers Left Traumatized

8-year-old Found Dead in Home; Mom Arrested for Strangling Him to Death in Ohio; Two Other Brothers Left Traumatized

A tragic incident has occurred in Ohio, where a mother has been charged with murder following the discovery of her eight-year-old son’s body in the attic of their family home.

Martonio Wilder was discovered at a residence in Columbus on Friday, June 28, just before an amber alert was issued for his two brothers. Fortunately, the brothers were located unharmed and are now under the care of Franklin County Children Services.

During a press conference, Chief Elaine Bryant announced on Saturday that two children, King Wilder and Michael Simon, were found unharmed at a relative’s house, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch.

“We have found a body that we believe to be Martonio Wilder inside the home,” she stated.

According to NBC 4, court records have revealed that Martonio’s cause of death was “deep neck compression.”

Lashanda Wilder, 32, contacted the police officers at her residence on Olmstead Avenue around noon. She, along with her girlfriend Johnna Lowe, 33, informed the officers that they had not seen Martonio since the previous night.

After the boy went missing, authorities issued an advisory and searched with K-9 units in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Lashanda and Lowe left with their other two children without disclosing their location to the police.

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According to reports by The Columbus Dispatch, the child’s mother and her girlfriend voluntarily surrendered to the police on Saturday. This came after the authorities found the body of Martonio and spent a day searching for them.

Ashanda has been charged with murder and obstructing justice, while Lowe is facing charges of obstructing justice.

Lashanda’s brother also mentioned to the outlet that his sister has a history of anger issues and described her as “evil.” According to him, her sons seemed to be most content when they were away from her.

Lashanda and Lowe have a court appearance scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court on Monday, July 1.

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