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8-month-old Baby Girl Dead after Army Serving Dad Hit Her Hard in North Carolina; Arrested and Charged

8-month-old Baby Girl Dead after Army Serving Dad Hit Her Hard in North Carolina; Arrested and Charged

An Army soldier stationed at North Carolina’s Fort Liberty, Sgt. Gabriel Ceville recently had a preliminary hearing following accusations of his involvement in the tragic death of his 8-month-old daughter.

Ceville has been charged with unpremeditated murder and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the 2023 death of Misty Delatorre, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the Army Office of Special Trial Counsel.

The spokesperson mentioned that Ceville is facing charges of domestic violence, clarifying that these charges are unrelated to Misty.

The Army spokesperson stated that despite the serious allegations, Sgt. Ceville has not been detained or discharged. They emphasized that the charges are considered as allegations and Sgt. Ceville is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Alina Delatorre, Misty’s mother, expressed her frustration with the fact that her daughter’s killer is still at large, making it difficult for her to find closure and properly grieve.

She expressed her disbelief at the level of violence that was inflicted upon an innocent 8-month-old baby, according to the outlet.

In February 2023, Ceville was living at Fort Liberty, which was previously called Fort Bragg, taking care of Misty. Ceville reportedly mentioned in text messages that he was experiencing a headache and Misty was in distress. Shortly after, he mentioned that Misty had vomited and was not responding.

According to records cited by WTVD, Ceville called 911 to report that the girl was not breathing. The infant was transported by air to a hospital, but unfortunately, passed away several days afterwards.

WTVD reported that Misty had injuries around her eyes, leading authorities to suspect foul play, as revealed in an autopsy report. The autopsy revealed that the infant’s cause of death was due to blunt force trauma to her head and neck.

According to Alina Delatorre, she quickly made her way to the hospital all the way from California to be with her child.

“I will always remember the chilling sensation I experienced while holding her hand,” the mother recalled.

According to court records cited by WRAL, Misty’s parents had been engaged in a custody battle in the weeks prior to her passing, with Ceville ultimately being granted primary custody.

Misty was hospitalized just three days into her stay with Ceville, as stated by the outlet. This occurred under the custody judgment where Misty would spend six months out of the year with each parent.

Ever since that time, Alina Delatorre and her mother, Misty Bray, have been tirelessly fighting for justice for the 8-month-old.

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