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8 Correctional Officers and 142 others Arrested for using Drones to Supply Drugs and Guns in Georgia Prisons

8 Correctional Officers and 142 others Arrested  for using Drones to Supply Drugs and Guns in Georgia Prisons

Atlanta, GA: Eight correctional guards were among 150 individuals apprehended during a months-long criminal investigation in Georgia. They are suspected of utilizing drones to smuggle narcotics, firearms, and cell phones into and out of prisons.

Search warrants were served at two facilities on Thursday, shutting down a “sophisticated, multi-state criminal enterprise that included civilians, inmates, and staff involved in contraband introduction into GDC facilities.” The operation was led by the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Safe Streets Gang Task Force, according to a press release by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

Operation Skyhawk, the investigation, uncovered that the criminals’ smuggling organization made use of drones. The drones, cell phones, weed, meth, ecstasy, cocaine, and other medicines that were seized by the authorities had a combined street value of more than $7 million.

The items recovered from a cell during the search in one of the prisons affected.

The office of Kemp reports that over a thousand criminal charges have been lodged. After eight inmates were found guilty, they were fired from their positions.

The Georgia governor’s office has stated that they suspect the same criminal operation may have had an impact on prisons in other states as well.

Weapons busted by authorities following a search at the arrested individual’s residence in Atlanta.

A search of Georgia’s prisons turned up evidence of drug, firearm, and cell phone smuggling with drones. Police helped by “making traffic stops and responding to throwovers and contraband drops via drone at GDC facilities,” according to the press announcement.

Two sites in the Atlanta metropolitan area were the subjects of search and arrest orders that were handed down on Thursday. Evidence valued at over $7 million has been retrieved by investigators, including:

  • 87 drones
  • 22 weapons
  • 273 contraband cell phones in facilities
  • 180 civilian cell phones
  • 185 pounds of tobacco
  • 67 pounds of marijuana
  • 12 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 51 pounds of ecstasy
  • 10 grams of cocaine
  • 90 various pills

The organization probably operates in other states, according to officials. The authorities are tracking the roots to other states and several other prisons within the state.

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