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8 Arrested In Drug Delivery Business; Guns and Cocaine Confiscated

8 Arrested In Drug Delivery Business; Guns and Cocaine Confiscated

Many months-long international drug trafficking investigation resulted in the arrest of eight persons, two of whom were from Bakersfield, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest happened on December 21, 2023, following a five-month investigation into a company running a drug delivery business that provided cocaine to the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles.

Investigators carried out a search warrant at various places in Bakersfield, as well as in the North Hills and Panorama City regions of Los Angeles.

The arrested individuals are:

  • Joel De La Paz Cruz Ayala, Bakersfield, 40
  • Elmer Gustavo Ayala-Ayala, Bakersfield, 28
  • Luis Antonio Cruz, Panorama City, 33
  • Lisandro Moreno, Panorama City, 22
  • Kevin Bonilla, Panorama City, 20
  • Noel Ovidio Cruz Alfaro, Panorama City, 31
  • Wilfredo Mauricio Benavides Castillo, North Hills, 24
  • Jose Samuel Ayala Hernandez, North Hills, 40

Both Bakersfield natives Joel Cruz Ayala and Elmer Ayala-Ayala were employed by the company as full-time dispatchers.

High-ranking members of the organization in El Salvador were in close contact with the dispatch house manager, Luis Cruz. At their homes and the dispatch house in Bakersfield, all three were located and taken into custody.

At their homes in North Hills and Panorama City, delivery drivers Wilfredo Castillo, Lisandro Moreno, Kevin Bonilla, Jose Ayala Hernandez, and Noel Cruz were taken into custody.

Large amounts of suspected drug proceeds were discovered with them, along with pre-packaged cocaine that was ready to be delivered.

Five guns and over five pounds of cocaine were taken into custody. All the suspects are booked under drug trafficking charges.

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