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7-year-old Brutally Molested at After-School Program in Missouri; Father Files Lawsuit Seeking Damages

7-year-old Brutally Molested at After-School Program in Missouri; Father Files Lawsuit Seeking  Damages

A father from Jackson County has taken legal action on behalf of his son, claiming that the boy was a victim of sexual assault at an after-school program in the same county last year. A.N., the child involved in the lawsuit, was 7 years old at the time of the alleged abuse in 2023.

The child claimed that he was sexually assaulted by an adult man at the after-school program he attended, according to his father.

As per the lawsuit, the child has reported that the man allegedly touched the child inappropriately and subjected him to sexual assault. An adult was involved in overseeing the after-school program, while a child was under their care when the alleged assault occurred.

The father’s attorneys stated that the child has experienced severe physical, emotional, and psychological trauma as a result of the abuse. The child’s family is requesting a minimum of $75,000 in compensation.

A lawsuit was filed on June 28th. The individual accused of abuse remains unidentified in the lawsuit, as does the after-school program where the alleged incident occurred. According to the lawsuit, it is indicated that the individual accused of abuse may have relocated from Jackson County, despite residing there at the time of the alleged incident in 2023.

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Lauren Dollar, a Kansas City attorney from Dollar, Burns, Becker, and Hershew, is representing the child. Dollar has extensive experience as an assistant prosecuting attorney in the special victims unit for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. Currently, Dollar focuses on handling cases related to child sexual abuse as reported by The Kansas City Star.

Dollar chose not to provide a comment on the case Wednesday afternoon, stating that time-sensitive legal procedures are being carried out on behalf of the victim. Statistics from RAINN reveal a disturbing reality: a significant number of girls and boys experience sexual assault by adults before reaching adulthood.

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