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$67M Homeless Program Launched By LA Mayor Karen Bass Gave Meagre Results

$67M Homeless Program Launched By LA Mayor Karen Bass Gave Meagre Results

Los Angeles: After leading the “Inside Safe” program for a year to house the city’s homeless, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’s outcomes appear questionable.

Despite spending almost $67 million on the initiative, Bass has only placed 255 of the 46,000 homeless people in Los Angeles in long-term housing. Her main goal for the city is to implement the program which according to her would make the city a much better place to live and work.

She started soon after taking office in December 2022. Shortly after Inside Safe’s initial launch in February 2023, Bass gained notoriety for dismantling six homeless encampments throughout Los Angeles.

Once occupying an entire block, the encampment at 87th Street and Western Avenue in South Los Angeles was removed, marking the campaign’s high point.

Her efforts appeared to herald a new phase of change for the city. She had moved 247 homeless individuals to makeshift shelters in less than a month, and 40 were eventually placed in long-term housing.

She has only been able to place an additional 215 homeless people in permanent housing after almost a year has passed. She suggests that the low numbers could be due to caseworkers in the city having excessive work on their plates.

Now, the program is on the top list of critics. They targeted the mayor for the general upkeep and state of temporary housing properties. Previously, Bass blamed it on the need for additional rooms and his refusal to transfer residents from “one end of the community to the next”.

She says that the program is still on and the workers are trying their best to provide these people basic housing that every human deserves. The program aimed to “bring thousands of Angelenos living on our streets into housing and on to the path to wellbeing and stability.”

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