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67-year-old Stabbed by Robber in Los Angeles; Fled away with Purse

67-year-old Stabbed by Robber in Los Angeles; Fled away with Purse

Los Angeles, CA: A horrific incident unfolded in Los Angeles after a man stabbed an old woman in Chinatown.

A man in Los Angeles’ Chinatown threw a 67-year-old woman to the ground and stabbed her, injuring her. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon.

The incident in the 700 block of North Broadway was reported at approximately 3:30 p.m. According to the police, a man was chasing a woman as she walked into the neighborhood. He then allegedly took her handbag, threw her to the ground, and fled the scene.

As the victim pursued her assailant, he brandished a knife and stabbed her multiple times. Police in Los Angeles said the man also attacked another man while wielding the handle of the knife.

There is no immediate danger to the victims’ lives from their injuries. The woman said that she was shocked when the robber attempted to grab her purse. Then, she started running after the suspect to catch him. The man then stopped and stabbed her brutally. The suspect also assaulted a nearby standing man who tried to help the woman.

The Los Angeles Police Department sprang into action and quickly apprehended the suspect just a few blocks away from the stabbing place. The authorities have not revealed the identity of the suspect.

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The woman also did not want her identity to be revealed. The victim was taken to the nearest hospital where she is getting treated and is reported to be in stable condition.

Suspicion of attempted murder led to the arrest of the 26-year-old suspect. A bond of $2 million was set.

An first court appearance was set for Tuesday, according to jail records.

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