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6-year-old Molested by Old Man in Indiana; Reported “Little Secrets” after “Good and Bad Touch Presentation” at School

6-year-old Molested by Old Man in Indiana; Reported “Little Secrets” after “Good and Bad Touch Presentation” at School

An educational presentation at a grade school in Bartholomew County resulted in the apprehension of an individual who allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior with a young girl under the guise of a game.

A 61-year-old man from Columbus, Terry R. Cheek, was arrested last week on charges of two counts of felony child molestation. Cheek faced charges after a student reported him following a thought-provoking presentation at her school.

In December of last year, a presenter visited the child’s school in Columbus to educate students about the distinction between appropriate and inappropriate touches from adults, commonly referred to as “good touch/bad touch.”

According to reports, the instructor of the class took the time to listen to a 10-year-old girl who bravely shared her experience of inappropriate touching. She recounted an unsettling incident from her childhood, where a man had made inappropriate advances towards her when she was just 6 years old. He had asked her to engage in a game of “playing doctor” and had touched her inappropriately.

Following the man’s identification to the police, the victim proceeded to recount a separate incident that took place more recently. The child reported being in a situation where inappropriate actions took place.

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During an interview with child specialists and police, the victim revealed that Cheek had referred to the touching incidents as something they should keep to themselves. The victim expressed her strong disapproval of the incident, stating that it was completely unacceptable and made her feel unsafe in the presence of Cheek.

Terry warned Victim 1 that he would deny her accusations if she spoke out. Documents from the court have been read. Terry threatened Victim 1, saying he would contact the authorities and accuse her mother of wrongdoing as per Fox59.

According to court documents, Cheek declined to participate in an interview with Child Services despite multiple attempts by the police and DCS to contact him. In addition, he mentioned his intention to seek legal representation.

DCS quickly confirmed the case and the Columbus Police Department requested charges of child molestation in Bartholomew County. Following the issuance of a warrant, Cheek has been apprehended and is now in custody. The initial hearing has been set for Friday afternoon.

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