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6-year-old Killed by Mother’s Boyfriend in Atlanta; Brought the Dead Kid to Fire Station

6-year-old Killed by Mother’s Boyfriend in Atlanta; Brought the Dead Kid to Fire Station

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta police have stated that a 6-year-old kid was murdered and that the individual responsible has been apprehended, but no details on the youngster’s death have been disclosed. The father of the victim has stated that the man who was detained is the boyfriend of the child’s mother.

According to investigators, last week, an unresponsive boy named Tobias Perkins Jr. was taken to a fire station in Atlanta by his family.

On March 19th, at approximately 11:15 p.m., Perkins Jr. was reportedly transported to Atlanta Fire Station 14 on Lee Street by the police. The youngster was brought to a hospital after arriving unresponsive, according to investigators, but unfortunately, he did not survive.

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The police began their investigation following Perkins Jr.’s death. Dashon Jones, a 24-year-old man, was taken into custody and faces charges of murder and cruelty to minors. Jones was the boy’s mom’s boyfriend, according to Perkins Sr.

Jones allegedly had prior incarceration on separate counts, according to investigators.

“He was just a joyful baby, liked to play, he loved his truck,” Perkins Sr. said. “He loved his sisters, he loved me.” 

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The victim’s father refused to be on camera but he said that losing a child is the biggest loss that a parent can imagine and it is the most unbearable pain in the heart.

“This is the worst feeling any father can ask for, and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody,” he said. 

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