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6-year-old and Grandmother Burned after Power Lines Crashed during Storm over House in Houston

6-year-old and Grandmother Burned after Power Lines Crashed during Storm over House in Houston

Following the devastating storm that struck the region on Tuesday, a woman finds herself tending to her son and mother, both of whom sustained serious burns and are currently receiving treatment in intensive care units.

Morgan Winters is faced with the challenging responsibility of moving swiftly between hospital floors, interacting with numerous medical specialists as she navigates through this unfortunate situation. “It has been quite challenging to communicate with two separate teams of doctors, burn units, psychiatrists, and surgeons. It has been quite overwhelming,” Winters shared.

Severe damage caused by the recent storm has led to power outages and fallen trees, resulting in tragic injuries to the Winters’ family. Her son suffered second-degree burns to over 18% of his body, while her mother endured burns covering more than 55% of her body, including both second and third-degree burns.

Despite her son’s release from the ICU and successful skin graft surgery, Winters’ mother’s condition remains critical. The recovery journey can be incredibly challenging, both physically and emotionally, especially for Winters’ young son, who, at the tender age of six, finds it difficult to fully understand the ongoing medical procedures. “His body aches, and he’s puzzled by the daily visits from doctors to replace his bandages,” she remarked.

The emotional distress also affects the head of the family. A necklace, given by Winters’ son to his grandmother, had to be removed during emergency care, symbolizing their strong bond. Winters made a heartfelt promise to keep wearing it until her mother’s return. “It’s my mom’s necklace. It was on her when they brought her into the ER,” she explained.

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