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6 Teens Arrested after they Stabbed A Man 14 times in Santa Rosa; All Have Gang Affiliation

6 Teens Arrested after they Stabbed A Man 14 times in Santa Rosa; All Have Gang Affiliation

Santa Rosa, CA: On Wednesday, Santa Rosa police said they had nabbed six teens in connection with an attempted homicide.

Police think that all of the teens are “deeply affiliated with a dangerous criminal street gang” and that they attacked a man near Bellevue Ranch Park on January 11 at 3:45 p.m.

Police said that a 41-year-old man and a group of teens got into an argument, and the man finally tried to get away from the teens on his bike.

But the group caught up with him, and six of the fifteen kids started beating him. The man was stabbed between eight to ten times by the attackers.

People in the area called 911, and many of them ran to help the man. Police say that one of the people who ran to help was a nurse. The man was immediately taken to the hospital where he received medical attention.

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Police said that all six of the teens go to or have been to Elsie Allen High School. One of them goes to Pivot Charter School.

On Wednesday, the officials arrested them, as they left their homes. Four of them were going to school and one was going to court. Police said the sixth suspect was already in juvenile hall for breaking the terms of his release in an unrelated incident.

Police say the 16-year-old boy who was stopped on Brookshire Court had a gun that wasn’t put together in his backpack. At his home, a search warrant found a 3D printer and other gun parts. Police think he was making gun parts with the printer.

Authorities say they used search warrants to look through the other homes and found several knives, gang gear, clothes, and electronics.

The knives that were found are being looked into to see if any of them were used in the attack.

Police said one of the teens had been caught before for killing Felix Vargas on Blacksmith Way on June 24, 2023. Three others were on probation as minors, and three of them had been caught before on gun charges.

“The Santa Rosa Police Department is committed to helping those affiliated with gangs, or young people at risk of joining a gang, find resources and a safe pathway out of gang culture. One such resource is the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership,” police said.

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