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6 Lives Lost and More than 10 Injured after Fatal Crash in Idaho: Authorities Confirm

6 Lives Lost and More than 10 Injured after Fatal Crash in Idaho: Authorities Confirm

Authorities are currently looking into a tragic incident involving a passenger van in Idaho Falls, Idaho, which sadly claimed the lives of six individuals.

An investigation is underway by the Idaho State Police into a tragic car accident that occurred on U.S. 20. The accident involved an eastbound Ram pickup and a westbound Chevrolet passenger van, resulting in the blockage of both lanes for over five hours. This information was provided in a news release by the police.

Crews worked diligently to clear the debris, resulting in temporary road closures. The westbound lane remained closed for an extra hour as authorities conducted their investigation.

An unfortunate incident took place on Saturday morning at 5:29 a.m. at Milepost 308 in Bonneville County. The driver of the pickup veered left of center and collided with the van, resulting in a crash, as stated in the release.

Police have reported that the driver of the van, along with five other passengers, tragically lost their lives at the scene. Additionally, nine other passengers were swiftly taken to a nearby hospital in ambulances for medical attention.

The driver of the pickup was also taken to a nearby hospital.

The collision in question is still under investigation by the Idaho State Police, who have not yet disclosed any additional details.

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