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6 Life Sentences to Virginia Man who Drugged and Molested Teen Girls across State: Prosecutors Reveal

6 Life Sentences to Virginia Man who Drugged and Molested Teen Girls across State: Prosecutors Reveal

A Virginia man has been found guilty of providing drugs to underage girls and subsequently sexually assaulting them, as reported by Prince William County’s Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

The man is a resident of Woodbridge, Virginia according to the court records.

A man named Balmore Ortiz Guardado, aged 36, has been accused by the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney of providing illegal substances to underage girls. These substances include Percocet pills laced with fentanyl, methamphetamines, cocaine, Xanax, and alcohol.

According to the prosecution, the teenage girls were subjected to sexual assault while they were either under the influence of drugs or threatened with a firearm.

Guardado has admitted to committing several serious crimes, such as rape, child pornography, and providing illegal drugs to a minor. The individual received a severe punishment of 6 life sentences and an additional 215 years of incarceration.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Amy Ashworth, the defendant allegedly used a manipulative tactic of offering drugs laced with fentanyl to the victims, initially in exchange for money. Over time, this escalated to providing the drugs for free, with the intention of sexually abusing them.

“The Defendant engaged in a pattern of grooming the victims by initially giving them Percocet laced with fentanyl, in exchange for money and gradually escalated to providing drugs for free in order to sexually abuse them, ” Commonwealth’s Attorney Amy Ashworth said. “This calculated manipulation demonstrated a clear intent to exploit the vulnerabilities of the victims for his personal satisfaction. It doesn’t get much worse.”

Guardado was taken into custody on January 26, 2023. The crimes were committed between 2032 and 2022 as reported by WJLA News.

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