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6 Kids Injured during Drive-by Shooting in Fort Worth; 3-year-old in Critical Condition

6 Kids Injured during Drive-by Shooting in Fort Worth; 3-year-old in Critical Condition

Fort Worth, TX: Officers from the Fort Worth Police Department have not yet made an arrest in connection with a drive-by shooting that resulted in the injuries of six young victims, one of whom was a girl of three years old.

In addition to the toddler, the older brother was also a victim of the incident. Apparently, their parents have informed FOX 4 that their children are terrified of their house, and that they are considering leaving.

The girl, who is three years old, is reportedly in a stable condition, but she is currently undergoing treatments in the hospital. On Friday, her brother, who is six years old, returned home from the hospital.

There is a high probability that parents will never anticipate that the act of merely permitting their children to play outside will result in their becoming victims of a drive-by shooting.

Druscilla Rodriguez and Dontee Kinney, on the other hand, should be aware that this is an awful truth.

The couple’s daughter, Me’chelle, who is three years old, and their son, Ka’vion, who is six years old, were playing outside of the Miramar Apartments in West Fort Worth on Wednesday evening.

Outside, there were more than a dozen persons present that day.

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There is what appears to be a red Kia Soul driving by, as seen on surveillance tape. It seems to show someone firing from a window in the back of the vehicle. In addition to it, a front window was rolled down.

Me’chelle was the first victim to find her way to a hospital after the incident. On the back of the three-year-old child was a bullet. The ages of the six victims range from three to nineteen years old.

According to the parents of these two youngsters, the other victims are people who live nearby. They all made it through. They have stated that they are unaware of who shot them or the reason for the shooting.

The Fort Worth Police Department is requesting that anyone who may have information regarding the incident get in touch with them.

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