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6 Homemade Bombs, Assault Rifles & Pistol Found; Man Arrested and Ammunition Confiscated

6 Homemade Bombs, Assault Rifles & Pistol Found; Man Arrested and Ammunition Confiscated

According to reports, an Arkansas man was reportedly caught in possession of six live bombs and was planning to leave the nation to avoid facing trial in Texas. He was detained and placed under a $1 million bond.

According to court records, on December 9, a lady reported that 52-year-old Lawrence Hickman was harassing her via phone to the Bella Vista Police Department.

Officers visited with the woman at Hickman’s house, who reported that she had discovered a chloroform bottle in a dresser drawer.

She also allegedly informed authorities that Hickman’s house on Bishampton Lane contained pipe bombs in a plastic bag.

The affidavit stated that the bombs were live and if exploded could cause serious destruction to life and property.

According to court records, Hickman had a compound bow, a bolt-action rifle, an AR-style rifle, a revolver, black powder, ammunition, a laptop, SD cards, and a USB drive.

The Bentonville Bomb Squad was notified of the issue and the neighbors were ordered to evacuate the area.

According to the authorities, Hickman was not at the residence, and the woman said she had no idea where he was.

According to a neighbor who spoke with the police, Hickman has intentions to travel to Alaska and across the Bering Sea. He also hopes to kayak to the Philippines, where his wife is currently living. The neighbor reportedly said the pipe bombs were for pirates and sharks, and the station noted that he had alcohol for Russians.

According to detectives, Hickman may have been trying to leave the country to avoid going on trial in Texas. His next court date is January 8.

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