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6 Apprehended after Authorities Bust Grand Theft Auto Video Game-Based Robbery in Michigan

6 Apprehended after Authorities Bust Grand Theft Auto Video Game-Based Robbery in Michigan

The state Attorney General revealed that six men have been apprehended by Michigan police in relation to an alleged large-scale auto theft operation on May 16.

“This enterprise can be best compared to a Grand Theft Auto video game,” stated Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel during a press conference on May 16.

A group of individuals is facing charges for allegedly stealing over 400 vehicles, which are estimated to be worth around $8 million.

Authorities apprehended the suspects on May 16 as part of a determined effort to dismantle a highly active and dangerous criminal organization, according to Nessel.

According to a statement by Nessel, the suspects reportedly focused on various locations such as car dealerships, parking lots, residences, and manufacturing facilities.

According to Nessel, the operation is said to have operated in over 40 jurisdictions.

According to her, the stolen vehicles were sold at significantly lower prices on the black market to buyers who wanted unregistered vehicles.

According to her, stolen vehicles have been associated with a range of serious crimes, including armed robberies, weapons offenses, felony evasion of police, additional carjackings, murder, and attempted murder.
The defendants are facing serious charges, including conducting a criminal enterprise and using a computer to commit a crime. If convicted, they could potentially face prison sentences of up to 20 years.

Those who were arrested include Kevin Lamont Stevenson, Jr., Joseph David Doyle, Braylen Jesse Green, Dejhon Trevon Bush, Zamarr Terrell Johnson, and Desmond Maurice Wilson. The alleged ring has been under investigation by the Troy Police Department since August.

Auto dealers express gratitude for the arrests.

“I’ve been in this industry for 30 years, and throughout my career, I’ve never witnessed such audacious and shameless thefts from new car auto dealerships,” expressed Rod Alberts, executive director of Detroit Auto Dealers Association during a press conference.

According to Nessel, authorities are currently conducting an investigation and anticipate making additional arrests in the coming months.

Regarding the individuals who are still part of these alleged criminal networks and have not yet encountered our special agents, she had a message to deliver.

“We are aware of your identity, your past actions, and your whereabouts, and we will be taking action against you in the near future.”

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