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539 Arrested & 65 Rescued From Human Trafficking in California As Per Los Angeles County Sheriff

539 Arrested & 65 Rescued From Human Trafficking in California As Per Los Angeles County Sheriff

Los Angeles, CA: Over 500 individuals were apprehended and numerous individuals were successfully rescued during a comprehensive, week-long operation targeting human trafficking across the entire state.

Last week, the 10th annual Operation Reclaim and Rebuild took place, with the participation of over 95 federal, state, and local agencies. The event also saw the involvement of personnel from the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna announced during a press conference on Tuesday morning that a total of 539 arrests were made. The number of arrests made in Los Angeles County remains uncertain.

Among those arrested were 40 individuals suspected of being involved in sexual trafficking or exploitation, as well as 271 individuals suspected of being sex buyers. In addition, a total of 54 adults and 11 children, including a 14-year-old girl, were successfully rescued, as reported by Luna.

During an operation in Los Angeles County, task force personnel carried out an undercover operation on a section of Holt Avenue in Pomona, as revealed by Luna. Twelve individuals, including two individuals with prior convictions, were apprehended on suspicion of solicitation of prostitution, Luna stated.

Luna was accompanied at the news conference by Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, as well as representatives from the LAPD, the federal Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies.

Gascón discussed the difficulties his office encounters in prosecuting sex traffickers and sex buyers, specifically regarding the reluctance of victims to testify due to concerns for their safety. Eyewitness News sought his perspective on enhanced penalties.

Gascón emphasized the office’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and protection of victims.

Luna highlighted the ongoing efforts of law enforcement personnel to combat human trafficking, emphasizing that their work extends beyond the annual statewide operation in January, which coincides with Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

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