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52-year-old Russian woman found dead in New York City, Son found her body stuffed in a Duffel Bag in her New Apartment

52-year-old Russian woman found dead in New York City, Son found her body stuffed in a Duffel Bag in her New Apartment

New York City, NY: The New York Police Department started an investigation after a Russian woman was found dead inside her new apartment.

After discovering his mother’s lifeless body in a duffel bag at her new apartment, a shocked son of a New York woman contacted the police.

Two individuals were then observed driving away in her car, according to reports.

According to Fox News Digital’s reporting from the New York Police Department, 52-year-old Nadia Vitels was found unconscious and unresponsive inside a bag in her Manhattan apartment on East 31st Street last Thursday at around 4:29 p.m. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the New York Daily News, the Russian native’s cause of death was ruled to be blunt-force trauma by the New York medical examiner. The police are treating her death as a homicide.

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After worried family requested a welfare check after not hearing from her for 48 hours, police noticed the find. The New York Post reports that Michael Medvedev, who is the son of Vitels, discovered the duffel bag concealed inside a coat in the woman’s closet after requesting permission from the building administrator to search the area.

The woman’s son reportedly noticed a foot sticking out of the bag as he took it off, according to the outlet.

Jean Pompee, the superintendent, informed the Daily News that when he opened the door to Vitels’ apartment and saw her little dog inside alone, her family knew something was wrong.

The New York Post was informed by an anonymous police source that two young adults, a guy and a woman of African American descent, were seen entering a Lexus belonging to Vitels, which had New York license plates. They were then apprehended as they drove westward, away from the apartment.

According to the police source, the vehicle’s alarm went off as soon as they drove away from the area.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is still underway, according to the NYPD’s confirmation on Tuesday.

According to sources who spoke with the Post, Vitels was seen multiple times that Sunday—as captured on security footage—entering and leaving the building with bags containing her possessions, suggesting that she was in the midst of moving into the apartment.

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