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$500K Grant Requested by Rental Housing Board Pasadena

$500K Grant Requested by Rental Housing Board Pasadena

Pasadena, California: The City is being asked to grant the Rental Housing Board an extra $500,000 advance.

The PRHB has covered the costs for meeting broadcasting, city clerk services, translation services, and other meeting expenses, in addition to costs related to PRHB compensation, as per the agenda discussion for the meeting on Wednesday. 

The organization was given a $500,000 advance in April and has since used the funds for services associated with putting up the Charter Amendment. The Amendment was the brainchild of Measure H, and it mandates the rent control measure to be implemented by the board.

Spending for public relations is $35,388.55, legal counsel is $76,436 and consulting is $141,666.64 from May to November 9. 

Furthermore, $17,221.20 was paid for document and meeting interpretation services. The following expenses were incurred: $2,169.80 for meeting meals, $11,538.55 for a temporary employee employed by the City to serve as a recording secretary, and $41,607.53 for board member compensation. 

The amount that the City contributed to Medicare was $469.82 and $4,280 was used to promote a workshop on October 17 online.

In addition, the Board spent $5,060 in May and June to broadcast its meetings before KPAS joined as a broadcast partner.

The amendment states that the Board will impose an annual rental housing fee on landlords to pay for its “reasonable and necessary expenses.” 

To pay for its reasonable and necessary expenses, the Board is also authorized to apply for and accept funding from any available source, including the City of Pasadena.

The amendment states that “the City shall advance all necessary funds to ensure effective implementation during the initial implementation of the Charter Amendment until the PRHB has collected rental housing fees sufficient to support the implementation of the Charter Amendment.” 

Commissions pay fees regularly to conduct business for the City.

The agenda read, ” The request for an additional advance will enable the PRHB to continue to meet its expenses while it establishes the Rent Stabilization Department and implements the Charter Amendment.”

“It is not clear whether the city will request repayment of the advance once the PRHB begins to collect the Rental Housing Fee, but any repayment plan will be part of the budget and must consider the needs for paying the PRHB normal and reasonable costs,” as per the agenda meeting.

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