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5-year-old Twins Smothered to death in New York City as per medical records

5-year-old Twins Smothered to death in New York City as per medical records

New York City, NY: As a shocking statement, the city Medical Examiner determined that the twin deaths of five years old, discovered in their Bronx apartment with symptoms of vomiting and foaming at the mouth, were both ruled as homicides.

In a statement made to The Post late Wednesday, the medical examiner confirmed that the siblings, who were first thought to have died in a “medical emergency” in December 2023, were really smothered to death, according to the autopsy.

According to reports and officials, George and Gianna Katanka were discovered on the floor of their living room on December 18th, by emergency responders. Their apartment was located on East 175th Street, near Weeks Avenue, in Mount Hope.

Reporters were informed by NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny the following day that all indications indicated a sad tragedy.

The twins, who Kenny described as “special needs” children, were sick and missed school on the day of their deaths.

The youngster had been home from school the week before due to his illness, which lasted two weeks and was caused by a cold. According to Kenny, his sister had been “biting and spitting at school” while sick with an ear infection, in addition to vomiting and “acting irrational,” as her mother reported to the police.

The mother of the twins was reportedly so distraught about the loss of her children that she needed to be hospitalized for observation, according to sources within the law enforcement agency.

After finding out what had transpired, the children’s father—who was at work at the moment—hurried home, as per the sources.

People in the neighborhood were shocked to hear the news because they had only known the mourning mother as a kind parent who never let her children out of her sight.

As of Thursday, the New York Police Department had not made any arrests related to the twins’ deaths.

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