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5 Most Haunted Places in Washington That Will Give You Chills

5 Most Haunted Places in Washington That Will Give You Chills

Washington is known for its natural beauty that allures everyone. But this state has its equal share in the spookiest and haunted places in the nation. Every state has its share of unsolved mysteries and ghost stories, some of which are fairly scary, but we believe Washington tops them all.

There are an unbelievable number of eerie locations and historical events in Washington that made a mark on people’s lives and memories. In this article, we will discuss the most haunted places in the Evergreen State that chill the hell out of the people when they even listen to the stories of these places.

Gravity Hills

Situated in the remote area, next to an ancient and purportedly haunted grain elevator, Gravity Hill lies to the north of Prosser. Your car will roll up the slope if you put it in neutral and follow the designated starting point. According to mythology, if you dust the rear of your car first, you’ll be able to see the small handprints of the ghost children that pushed your automobile. Great. Not at all scary!

Maltby’s 13 Steps to Hell.

This spot has left many victims who were unable to speak after a glimpse of the horrors they saw there. The steps from Maltby’s cemetery had been removed owing to the same reason. Thirteen steps descended into the ground from ground level to reach the back entrance of a wealthy family’s tomb. Individuals, often teenagers, would challenge one another to descend the stairs, open the tomb door, and then return.

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Angry Man Without A Face in Auburn

Keep an eye out for an angry man without a face if you’re strolling around Auburn after dark. A rich landowner sold the land that would eventually become Auburn’s city many years ago. According to local lore, the guy walks around A Street at night and has furiously walked through walls merely to scare people, thus it appears that he is unhappy with how his land is being used. He has no face. This is the creepiest thing that I have ever heard.

Serial Killer & His Prophecy

There is also the serial killer who, at one point, used a hex on his captors, and it proved effective. In 1947, serial killer Jake Bird—who is believed to have killed as many as 46 people—was condemned to death for the horrific murders of Bertha Kludt and her daughter, Beverly June Kludt. Bird declared after his sentencing that anyone involved in his punishment would be under a hex: “Mark my words, you will die before I do.” Subsequently, six individuals associated with his trial passed away from various causes before his execution in 1949. Whoa.

Starvation Heights

Linda Burfield Hazzard. opened a “health sanitarium” in Olalla called Wilderness Heights in the early 1900s. However, she achieved “health” by starving her patients, and many of them died. Today, only the building’s foundation and the incinerator are left, unless you count the ghosts of the people she killed who are said to haunt the land.

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The most spooky places in Washington State are great for history buffs and people who like scary stories. There are many scary places in Washington State, from restaurants where ghosts are said to live to an old town that has been abandoned. But the above-mentioned places top the chart.

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