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5-Month-Old Pig Found With Metal Wire Jammed in the Snout

5-Month-Old Pig Found With Metal Wire Jammed in the Snout

A 5-month-old potbellied pig is recuperating from having a metal wire “horrifically” jammed into her snout. The adorable pig was noticeably sad and heartbroken.

The pig, now named Helga, was brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) from an undisclosed private neighborhood. The group clarified that the purpose of the metal in her snout was “to stop her from rooting.”

Pigs use their snouts to continually push or nudge into objects as part of a natural habit known as roots, according to the American Mini Pig Association. They’ll do this for a variety of reasons, such as communicating, comfort, cooling off, or finding food.

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Helga received care from a team of veterinarians, and according to HTSB, they were able to get the metal out of her nose. The shelter regretfully stated that “it was noticeable how sad she was.” Helga seems to be on the road to recovery; according to HTSB.

Potbellied pigs can weigh between 120 and 150 pounds, and they are frequently found as “pampered pets living indoors,” according to Texas A&M University’s Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

Helga is now resting and recovering from the horrific incident that happened. After the wounds are completely healed, Helga will be put up for adoption.

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