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5 Bombshell Tacos in Las Vegas That Will Give You Unforgettable Taste & Cravings

5 Bombshell Tacos in Las Vegas That Will Give You Unforgettable Taste & Cravings

Tacos! Everyone loves tacos. This food enjoys mass popularity and everyone craves it whenever the word tacos falls onto their ears. There are a ton of places in Las Vegas to get a warm, freshly made tortilla loaded with grilled and seasoned meat and bright, fiery sauces. But we have compiled an exclusive list that features the top 5 taco places in Las Vegas. Scroll down and see which are those places and if you’re in Las Vegas, visit them and you will find why these made to our list.

Tacos El Gordo

Bombshell Tacos: Adobada

This Tijuana chain has several locations in Las Vegas, frequently with queues out the door, for a reason. They make excellent street tacos from Mexico. The marinated pig, known as adobada, absorbs the flavors of its marinade as it roasts on a spit.

Ask the taco maestro to grill some pineapple while he cuts the meat off the spit, adding a nice touch of sweetness to the taco. The avocado crema ties everything together and the tortillas crisp up a bit on the grill. It’s very easy and really tasty.

Me Gusta Tacos

Bombshell Tacos: Pork Belly Banh Mi Tacos

This place is the best taco place in Las Vegas. The winner of this taco place is the Pork Belly Banh Mi Tacos. This hip taco shop in the District in Green Valley uses a tortilla in place of the banh mi’s customary French roll. A great complement to the acidic Vietnamese salad made with daikon, carrots, and cilantro, pork belly is a fatty and salty protein.

There is a menu with tacos made with warm corn tortillas and options include carnitas, carne asada, and Korean kalbi.

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Tacos & Beer

Bombshell Taco: Crunchy Tacos

This popular restaurant off the Strip is part nightclub, part taco store, with a laid-back atmosphere and delicious food. Get a taco platter with options like carnitas, barbacoa, avocado tacos dipped in beer and carne asada.

The crunchy tacos are among the best on the menu, although they serve a wide variety of fantastic selections. Overlapping the filling are shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and hot sauce. Mashed potatoes combined with ground beef or chicken make the inside stand out.

China Poblano

Bombshell Taco: Hongos Tacos

You must be thinking about how the word China comes with Tacos. Well, here the combination fits right. José Andrés, the renowned chef, is renowned for creating delectable traditional dishes as well as for experimenting with his food.

Andrés’s version of hongos tacos, a Mexican street food staple, is available at one of his restaurants, China Poblano. Hongos are flavorful, meaty sautéed mushrooms. Roasted poblano chile strips or rajas go well with them. The last touch is guacamole on top of the taco.

Carson Kitchen

Bombshell Tacos: Gyro Tacos

This Downtown place gained notoriety by taking classic foods and inverting them, such as the gyro tacos. Perfectly toasted pita bread makes up the taco shell. Encased within are traditional Greek ingredients: lamb slow-cooked with za’atar, lending the entire dish a cozy, piquant taste. It has diced tomatoes, feta cheese, and creamy tzatziki on top.

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Though it offers almost every kind of food imaginable, one of Las Vegas’ specialties is classic tacos. Tacos galore. Famous tacos. Chinatown tacos along the side of a strip club. Tijuana-style tacos. Tacos posh with Wagyu imported. Feta cheese-covered Greek tacos. Here, in classic Vegas style, you can find every crazy fusion taco you could want.

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