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46 Dogs, 23 Cats & Teenage Boy Rescued From House Filled With Feces in Pennsylvania

46 Dogs, 23 Cats & Teenage Boy Rescued From House Filled With Feces in Pennsylvania

Penn Township, PA: Police said they rescued 77 animals and a 14-year-old boy living in a dirty home in Westmoreland County. A couple has been arrested and the house was filled with feces and smell.

Court papers say that while taking dozens of animals from James and Kathleen Chaney’s home on Ashbaugh Road, humane officers called Penn Township police for help. Humane officers told police that the smell inside the house was “unbearable” for rescues who arrived on the scene, and it looked like there was no food or water for people or animals.

Officers said there were trash piles and a strong sewage smell outside the house. The police said that feces covered the whole floor of the basement and even the furniture on the first floor inside the house. Authorities said there was no food or running water in the house.

The 14-year-old boy’s caseworker told police that the house wasn’t even fit for humans, let alone a kid.

The first responder had to come out of the house many times as the smell of ammonia was very strong and it was burning the nasal cavities of his nose. he later wrote that the conditions inside the house were the worst that he had ever seen in his entire career.

According to police, humane officers took 46 dogs from the residence. According to court documents, twenty-one dogs lacked access to food and water, and all had urine staining, fleas, flea dermatitis, and worms.

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According to authorities, one dog had a needle in its stomach, while another had a ruptured uterus. Police discovered one dead dog that had been there for a long time.

Authorities reportedly reported seizing 23 cats with fleas, flea dermatitis, ear mites, worms, and urine burns. One cat died in surgery after being rescued, and another had a shattered pelvis that was never properly treated and cured. According to investigators, four of them suffered bites that caused infected injuries.

Humane officers discovered five guinea pigs, a dove, a chinchilla, and a ferret, all of which lacked access to food and water. A dog, bird, snake, and four hens were found dead on the premises.

Police claimed they spoke with Kathleen Chaney over the phone while serving the search warrant, but she was at work and refused to return home. According to court documents, she admitted to caring for the animals with her husband and claiming to be the boy’s parents.

James Chaney and Kathleen Chaney face a litany of accusations, including severe animal abuse, animal neglect, and endangering children’s welfare. They are being held at Westmoreland County Jail.

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