$42 Million Approved for Multiple Affordable Housing Developments in San Diego

$42 Million Approved for Multiple Affordable Housing Developments in San Diego

San Diego, California: Tuesday marked the announcement that San Diego County has granted $42 million to nine affordable housing developments to create 872 new homes.

The projects are the result of 24 proposal requests for affordable housing in the area, totaling more than $89 million. The County Board of Supervisors has previously given its approval for the money distribution.

Three of the nine developments, according to a county release, will be on county-owned surplus land, while two will be on publicly owned MTS land.

Using its Innovative Housing Trust Fund and surplus county property, the county claims to have invested over $235 million in affordable housing since 2017. Since then, 1,660 additional apartments have been available. 2,926 more units are on the way.

The developments are as follows:

  • Navajo Family Apartments at 7005 Navajo Road, San Diego.
  • Spring Street Trolley Station at 4250 Spring St., La Mesa. 
  • Terrasini at 5255 Mt. Etna Drive, San Diego.
  • Mission Village at 213 & 225 W Elder St., Fallbrook.
  • Kindred at 1501/1555 6th Ave., San Diego.
  • Beyer Boulevard Trolley Village at 4055 Beyer Blvd., San Diego.
  • 73rd Street Apartments at 5001 73rd St., San Diego. 
  • Paseo Del Rey Apartments at 610 Paseo Del Rey, Chula Vista. 

All the projects will be completed by different companies, and every development has been granted funding as per the requirements.

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