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4 Siblings Died in a Fatal Crash With a Wrong Side Pick-Up Truck

4 Siblings Died in a Fatal Crash With a Wrong Side Pick-Up Truck

4 siblings died in a head-on crash of their SUV with a pickup truck. The truck was operated by a drunk driver.

The alleged driver has 4 DUI convictions before this crash. This accident turned the celebrations into mourning.

In Waupaca County, Wisconsin, last Saturday, 47-year-old Scott Farmer struck an SUV carrying the siblings “head-on” while operating his pickup truck on the wrong side of the road.

“All were beyond lifesaving measures and were pronounced deceased at the scene,” a responding officer told the media outlet.

The victims included 14- and 9-year-old sisters, their 23-year-old brother, and a 25-year-old eldest brother who had been driving. The accident happened just 3 miles away from their house.

Farmer is accused of four counts of homicide. Farmer allegedly had an open vodka bottle next to him in the car, according to the responding authorities.

The 47-year-old allegedly responded, “February 12,” when authorities asked him what day he thought it was. He then apparently acknowledged that he drank “a lot.”

Although the prosecution had argued for $1,000,000 for each killed in the tragedy, Farmer’s bail was only set at $750,000.

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