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4-month-old Daughter Died on Family Trip; Parents Devastated after Immense Loss to Arizona Heat Wave

4-month-old Daughter Died on Family Trip; Parents Devastated after Immense Loss to Arizona Heat Wave

A tragic incident occurred on Lake Havasu in Arizona, resulting in the unfortunate death of a 4-month-old infant. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed this heartbreaking news, stating that the infant was exposed to a heat wave while with her family on Friday, July 5.

A baby girl named Tanna Rae Wroblewski fell ill and lost consciousness while her family was out on a boat on Lake Havasu.

According to a GoFundMe page created for the Wroblewski family, Tanna’s family administered CPR before the Lake Havasu City Fire Department arrived at the scene. Tanna was immediately taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center by the first responders. They worked tirelessly to revive her and restore her pulse, according to the MCSO statement.

She was later transported by air to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, but unfortunately, she did not survive her injuries.

The investigation into Tanna’s death is still ongoing. In addition, the medical examiner has not yet released the cause of death for the infant.

Starting on Thursday, July 4, the Lake Havasu region issued a public alert about temperatures reaching record-breaking levels, a rare occurrence in almost forty years. Scorching temperatures in the area soared to a blistering 120°F starting Friday and are predicted to persist in the scorching 110s until the middle of July, according to AccuWeather.

Several deaths occurred due to extreme heat during the holiday weekend, as temperatures reached dangerous levels in various parts of the United States.

On Monday, July 8, the day that Tanna celebrated her four-month milestone. The Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for more information on Tuesday.

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