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$30K Ransom Demanded After Abduction, US Attorney’s Office Revealed

$30K Ransom Demanded After Abduction, US Attorney’s Office Revealed

The U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed on Thursday that two individuals have been charged with kidnapping a Paterson resident last month. The alleged suspects transported him to Massachusetts and kept him for ransom.

The two persons arrested are Julio Cesar Paniagua, 27; and Joel Ramon Garcia, 33.

On November 15, at approximately 11 p.m., the father of the abducted man called the Paterson Police Department to report the kidnapping, as per the complaint.

According to the complaint, he informed officers that he had gotten a call from his son around twenty-five minutes prior, informing him that he had been abducted and requesting his father to give his kidnappers $30,000 in exchange for his release.

He did not, however, provide his father with a transaction form or directions on where to wire or deposit the funds.

The father got a second call from his son at 11:50 p.m. while he was at the police station. However, this time, an unknown caller informed him that he knew the police were involved and threatened to cut off his son’s fingers if he did not give the $30,000, according to authorities.

According to officials, tower dumps—a list of all cell phone numbers that connected to a specific cellular tower during a specified time frame—were used by police to determine the source of the calls. According to the lawsuit, investigators concluded that Garcia owned the phone and that the calls were coming from the Dedham, Massachusetts, region.

After the man was freed on November 17 and went to the police to report what had happened, Garcia and Paniagua—whom the kidnapped man later positively identified—were both recognized by the victim.

He claimed to have been in his car at 5:45 p.m. when Garcia and Paniagua entered the rear seat, both of whom were carrying weapons, according to the office. It took them almost six hours to reach Massachusetts.

According to the complaint, Paniagua was not charged until December 7, while he was being held in connection with immigration proceedings, despite Garcia being caught three days after the victim was abducted. Authorities claimed that he later told the detectives about his involvement.

According to the agency, there is a maximum punishment of $250,000 and a maximum sentence of life in prison for abduction charges.

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