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30 Million USD Cash Heist in Los Angeles, Security and Cash Services Storage Facility robbed, Thieves on the Run

30 Million USD Cash Heist in Los Angeles, Security and Cash Services Storage Facility robbed, Thieves on the Run

Los Angeles, CA: A group of exceptionally skilled robbers slithered through the ceiling of a Los Angeles money storage facility and stole up to $30 million in cash, all without setting off any alarms or damaging the exterior of the safe in any obvious way.

The thieves then escaped the area without anyone noticing them with all the cash. The heist happened on Easter Sunday.

According to The LA Times, which quoted Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Elaine Morales for an account of the burglary, the institution did not notice they were missing millions until the following day.

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An FBI agent from the Los Angeles Field Office named Laura Eimiller verified on Sunday, March 31, that “a multi-million dollar theft” had taken place in the Sylmar district in the San Fernando Valley. Eimiller adds that the LAPD and agents are working together to find “the person or group responsible.”

The case has not yet resulted in any arrests.

In a short phone conversation on Thursday, an LAPD spokesperson declined to comment on the issue, saying that the FBI is the primary investigative body. One of the biggest cash heists in the city’s history, Eimiller declined to discuss the crime citing the “continuing” investigation.

According to the source, the facility protected the funds of local companies, making it the most lucrative armored car robbery in the city’s history.

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Security and cash services provider GardaWorld was found to be the owner of the compromised site.

“With our security guard services, rest assured that your people, property, and assets are protected.” The website of the company boasts a list of California addresses, one of which is a security services facility located in the San Fernando Valley.

The brazen 27-minute robbery of up to $100 million worth of jewels and other valuables from a Brinks truck in Southern California occurred less than two years ago, making it one of the biggest jewel robberies in U.S. history.

Even those gem robbers have not yet been apprehended. This raises serious questions for the law enforcement agencies in the area.

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