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3 Juveniles Arrested for Robbing a Woman at Walgreens, also Carjacked the Victim in Sacramento

3 Juveniles Arrested for Robbing a Woman at Walgreens, also Carjacked the Victim in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA: Authorities in Solano County apprehended a group of teenagers, one of whom was a 13-year-old boy from Sacramento.

The individuals were taken into custody after allegedly carjacking a woman in Sacramento and committing a robbery at a Walgreens store. Officers received a timely notification on Saturday, just before noon, about a robbery that took place at Walgreens in the 3500 block of Del Paso Road in Westlake.

According to police and archived radio dispatches, a woman was rudely pushed aside by three suspects. These audacious individuals not only took off with her pickup truck but also snatched her cigarettes before making a swift getaway.

During the incident, a Walgreens store manager unfortunately sustained injuries, as reported in radio audio. The mischievous teenagers made their grand exit in the “stolen” Ford F-150, according to authorities.

According to a social media post by the Rio Vista Police Department, the police station were tipped off by their trusty Flock camera system on Sunday. It seems that a stolen Ford F-150 was making its way into their city as per The Sacramento Bee.

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Officers found the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a Taco Bell and KFC joint. According to the post by the police, just as the driver was getting onto Highway 12, a teenager decided to make their way across the lanes.

The officers pulled over the vehicle near Lira’s Supermarket on Highway 12, just a short distance away. Officers apprehended two individuals, aged 13 and 16, hailing from Sacramento. Police have reported that a 17-year-old suspect from Antioch has also been apprehended. The charges faced by the juvenile suspects in Sacramento remain unclear.

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