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3 Bodies Discovered in Abandoned Funeral Home in Jacksonville But Their Family Had Already Received Deceased Ashes

3 Bodies Discovered in Abandoned Funeral Home in Jacksonville But Their Family Had Already Received Deceased Ashes

Jacksonville, FL: During a search warrant at an abandoned funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida, investigators discovered three bodies inside a mortuary, as reported by the state Department of Financial Services. According to a member of one of those families, the substance that was supposed to be her grandmother’s ashes appeared to resemble “chalk or ground kitty litter.”

Elliot Maurice Graham, the funeral home director of Marion Graham Mortuaries, has been accused by Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis of providing families with counterfeit ashes of their deceased loved ones. Graham is currently facing charges related to grand theft and improper preservation of a human body.

An investigation was initiated following a complaint received by the Patronis’ office regarding the funeral home. Our office is responsible for overseeing funeral homes and mortuaries, ensuring that they maintain the utmost standards of respect and dignity in their care for the deceased.

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Investigators have recently arrived at the business and the mortuary is currently being treated as an official crime scene, according to officials. A warrant has been issued for Graham’s arrest. According to records, he was apprehended in Orlando on Friday. He is currently being held in the Orange County Jail and will soon be transported back to Jacksonville.

Marion Graham Mortuaries Funeral has been serving the Jacksonville community for over three decades. Graham assumed ownership of the funeral home following the passing of his father, Marion Graham, in 2018.

Six months ago, Pauline Durden passed away, and Elliot Graham presented what seemed to be her ashes to her family. However, state investigators recently reached out to the family to inform them that the ashes do not belong to their loved one and that the body was discovered at the mortuary. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that they were not human ashes after all. According to Durden’s granddaughter Johnesha Kemp, the appearance of the objects resembled “chalk or ground kitty litter” to her.

Patronis mentioned that the incident is currently being investigated, and any other professionals involved in the matter may face severe consequences such as license revocation or criminal charges.

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