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3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Termed “Brief But Noticeable” in Orange County

3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Termed “Brief But Noticeable” in Orange County

Los Angeles, California: The USGS reported a 3.5-magnitude earthquake that struck Orange County on Monday night.

It struck at about 8:09 p.m., with the epicenter estimated to be 1.2 miles east of Fullerton. The USGS reports that the earthquake was 6.6 miles deep. No injury has been reported so far. The damage to property and buildings is also not reported by any citizen.

Los Angeles’s downtown is roughly 27 miles away from Fullerton.

The earthquake was reported at 08:09 pm on 4th December 2023. The city of Anaheim took to X and said, “A brief but noticeable earthquake was felt in Anaheim shortly after 8 p.m. Monday. We are awaiting more details with no major concerns at this time.”

An aftershock was also reported by the Southern California Earthquake Data Center. The reading of aftershock on the Richter Scale was 2.3 and was roughly 20 minutes after the original tremble.

Many people across Riverside and West Covina felt the tremble, and many reported the quake on the USGS website.

As per Fullerton Police Lt. Gharah,police and fire department received several calls but they were canceled as they all reported the earthquake in their area.

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