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“218 Years in Prison” Step-Dad Given Heavy Sentence in Arizona

“218 Years in Prison” Step-Dad Given Heavy Sentence in Arizona

Pinal County, Arizona: A former foster parent has been sentenced to 218 years in prison following disturbing revelations made by a woman who was once under his care.

Francisco Medina, 53, has been found guilty of committing several sex crimes against a minor. The victim, a former foster child, bravely came forward and disclosed the abuse she endured at the hands of Medina during the 1990s.

According to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, the woman reported that Medina would enter her bedroom at night and engage in sexual abuse.

At Friday’s sentencing hearing, the victim bravely shared her experience with the court, describing the immense emotional hardship she has endured due to the abuse.

“I hope this outcome brings a sense of closure and aids in the victim’s healing,” stated Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer. “It’s truly remarkable how she has faced such challenges head-on, displaying immense strength and bravery in seeking justice against her wrongdoer.”

Medina is currently serving a life sentence in Arizona for the abuse of another child under his care in Pima County.

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