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21-year-old shot Dead in Remote Desert Area by Teenagers after abduction in Utah

21-year-old shot Dead in Remote Desert Area by Teenagers after abduction in Utah

Salt Lake City, UT: Officials from the Taylorsville Police Department verified that they discovered the remains of the 21-year-old who was reportedly abducted on Sunday.

According to the Taylorsville Police, two juveniles, one aged 15 and the other 17, were taken into custody and lodged at the Salt Lake Valley Detention Center. The two teens were taken into custody after being charged with several felonies related to the murder.

Officials are now treating the suspected kidnapping as a homicide, and a press release from Taylorsville Police revealed that the body belonged to Alexzia Franco, who “goes by the name Alex and identifies as male,” according to the police. Speaking with on Monday, Franco’s relatives stated their belief that Franco was the victim.

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The body of Franco, with what seemed to be a single gunshot wound, was discovered in a “remote desert area in Utah County” on Tuesday morning, according to officials. At the press briefing, Cheshire went into further detail, saying that the body of Franco was discovered in a western portion of Lehi.

An official from the State Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to TVPD in a press statement that the body discovered belonged to the individual reported as abducted.

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Taylorsville Police say that one of the juveniles detained is the one they suspect shot Franco.

As mentioned in the press release, authorities are actively attempting to contact potential witnesses and individuals who were in the vicinity during the alleged murder.

Around 4:15 p.m. on March 17, Franco got into a white Jeep Liberty near the intersection of 3800 West 5700 South, according to Taylorsville Police. A potential gunshot was heard by witnesses.

According to Cheshire, the shooting happened close to Franco’s home, and authorities think shots were fired shortly after Franco got into the automobile. “The sound reported by witnesses as a gunshot” was clearly identified in the camera footage from the location, according to the police.

According to Cheshire, Franco was friendly with one of the passengers and freely got into the car; however, authorities are still trying to piece together what led up to the shooting.

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After continuing their investigation, police on Monday located what they thought to be the Jeep used in the incident and detained the two teens. According to Cheshire, the vehicle was found in Salt Lake County after authorities executed several search warrants. As far as the case is concerned, it was positively recognized.

According to Cheshire, the weapon in question has still not been found as of today.

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