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Soap opera star undergoes surgery after nasty horseback riding accident




May 9, 2022 | 6:35pm

Soap opera actress Katherine Lang spent Mother’s Day in the hospital after a nasty fall during a horseback riding excursion.

The “Bold and Beautiful” star revealed she was out for a 40-mile horseback ride in Malibu on Saturday when she got off her horse, tripped over a rock and twisted her ankle.

Katherine Lang in the hospital
Katherine Lang spent Mother’s Day in the hospital after she tripped and fell on a rock.

“At around 16 miles I got off my horse to walk down a steep and very rocky trail to give her a break,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption alongside photos and videos of the venture. “At the bottom of the trail I tripped on a rock and my left foot took the pounding. My ankle and foot dislocated off to the left at a 90 degree angle to my leg.

“I pushed it back into place. It was so gross but I had to do it.”

Paramedics helping Katherine Lang
A stranger called 911 and an ambulance took the “Bold and Beautiful” actress to the hospital.

With the help of her friends and a driver passing by who called 911, Lang, 60, was taken to the hospital and learned she’d broken three bones in her ankle.


The actress showed her broken ankle in a series of snaps on Instagram.



The actress showed her broken ankle in a series of snaps on Instagram.


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Friends and fans took to the comments section to congratulate…

“Had surgery late that night and now have rods, pins, and screws in my ankle,” she wrote. “No weight bearing on my foot for 6 weeks.”

The actress, who made her debut as Brooke Logan on the long-running soap back in 1987, was optimistic she would be back at work soon.

Katherine Lang
Lang has been on “Bold and Beautiful” since the ’80s.
Getty Images

“I will still go to work later this week and try to heal quick so I can do all the things I love to do,” the mother of three said. “I am still in the hospital today and trying to have a smile on my face. I am not a happy camper when things slow me down like this.

“And there is always a lesson to learn. Not sure what that lesson is yet but will have the time to contemplate🤷‍♀️ #staypositive”

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[WATCH] Sherri Shepherd Debuts Trailer For New Talk Show




Sherri Shepherd dropped the first trailer for her new daytime talk show, Sherri, which replaces “The Wendy Williams Show” time slot.

In the trailer, Sherri promises to take viewers “behind the scenes, on the road, in the studio, rehearsals, interviews and so much more.”

The former “The View” co-host assured viewers that her show won’t be Wendy Williams 2.0.

“This is my time. It is my lifelong dream to have my own show and it is finally happening,” she said.

“I can’t wait until I return to New York to host the show and merge everything I love… pop culture, talk, entertainment and comedy,” Sherri said previously.

Watch the trailer below!

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Rapper Snoop Dogg Calls Out Instagram: ‘They Apart Of Amerikka’




Last week, a white supremacist in army gear killed 10 innocent people shopping at a Buffalo supermarket.

A clip shared on social media showed an 18-year-old gunman killing innocent black people while stopping to say ‘sorry’ to a white man during the melee.

After sharing the controversial clip online, rapper and activist Mysonne was blocked from going live on Instagram.

This is so wack !! smh no real reason at All . I shared a clip of the White Supremacist saying sorry no shots nothing and it was Removed and my lives blocked .. Instagram ain’t for us !

Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg chimed in leaving the comment, “Fuck. Instagram they apart of amerikkka.” Many social media users feel they are being censored from speaking on anti-black hate. 

During the early days of the pandemic, Payton Gendron logged on to the 4chan message board website to browse ironic memes and infographics that spread the idea that the white race is going extinct. He was soon lurking on the web’s even more sinister fringes, scrolling through extremist and neo-Nazi sites that peddled conspiracy theories and anti-Black racism. In a twist of compassion and turning a blind eye, many media outlets have stated the ‘young boy’ was troubled because of COVID and he must have had a mental issue. 

Ironically not all hate is considered hate in America, When Asians are attacked, laws are put in place. When white supremacy rears its head, excuses are made. When black people are even questioned about crime they are shot and killed on spot. Where is the outcry for the innocent victims shopping for their Sunday dinners? Saying nothing and being complacent is also a loud, outright response.  When we march and fight for the rights of others, it’s painfully noticeable when it’s not reciprocated. This fight in America is not about color, it’s about good vs evil.

What side are you on?

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Honors The Notorious B.I.G. at City Hall




New York City Mayor Eric Adams saluted Brooklyn icon The Notorious B.I.G. at City Hall this past Thursday ahead of what would have been Biggie’s 50th birthday.

On hand in City Hall was C.J. Wallace, the song of Biggie, and Chief Advisor Dr. Ingrid Lewis-Martin. Adams spoke to the impact of Biggie’s life and the work that he created that lives on today.

Mayor Eric Adams Honors Christopher Notorious B.I.G. Wallace 7 8 screenshot
Mayor Eric Adams Honors Christopher Notorious B.I.G. Wallace 7 8 screenshot

“Biggie Smalls is truly an icon. All of the elected officials, from the top executive in New York City, the public advocate and our attorney general, all grew up on Biggie Smalls,” Adams said.

According to NY1, Adams also highlighted the way Biggie navigated to stardom with the assistance of his mother, Voletta Wallace.

“He was raised by a single mom,” Adams said. “That’s why so many of us could relate to it. Just the love his mother showed. But what he did, that I believe was so much more significant, is that he was able to turn pain into purpose. He used his music to define what was happening in everyday life.”

Yesterday, the Empire State Building held a ceremony with Bad Boy Records, Atlantic, and Rhino Records to light the building red and blue with a crown spinning on top.

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