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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Attempt to Defend Herself Blows Up in Her Face




The same day Jamie Lynn Spears was due to receive a scathing cease-and-desist letter from Britney Spears’ lawyer via overnight mail, she sat for a follow-up interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast while continuing to promote her new book, Things I Should Have Said.

Appearing over video from her home in Louisiana on Tuesday, Britney’s younger sister doubled down on her claims that she repeatedly tried to help the “Toxic” singer escape her controversial conservatorship. To that end, she held up a cell phone and shared text messages sent to her sister back in November 2020, calling them “proof” she was acting in her sister’s bests interests. She appeared convinced the texts would help vindicate her.

They mostly blew up in her face.

Not only has the Zoey 101 star faced even more backlash from the #FreeBritney movement since reading the texts aloud to Daddy host Alexandra Cooper, but checking the texts against a transcript of what actually happened at a court hearing in Britney’s conservatorship exactly one day earlier on Nov. 10, 2020, raises questions about Jamie Lynn’s allegiance at the time.

In her texts, which were provided as screenshots to the Daddy podcast, Jamie Lynn slammed Britney’s court-appointed lawyer at the time, Samuel D. Ingham III, as well as their mom Lynne Spears. Meanwhile, she painted their dad Jamie in a strikingly sympathetic light, claiming he actively wanted “to resign” from his role as conservator of Britney’s $60 million estate and was somehow being held back. She urged Britney to speak with Jamie directly.

“If you’re willing to speak with him and start the actual legal process of getting what you want, then dad is on board with that as well,” Jamie Lynn wrote.

While Jamie Lynn’s texts portray Jamie as willing to step aside at his daughter’s request, the transcript of the Nov. 10, 2020, hearing tells a different story. At that hearing — which both Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears attended by phone with their lawyers — Ingham dropped what was then considered a bombshell request to have Jamie suspended on the spot. “My client has informed me on many occasions that she is afraid of her father,” Ingham said, urging Judge Brenda Penny to suspend Jamie on her own motion that very day without the need for an evidentiary hearing. “She also informed me on many occasions that she will not perform as long as her father is in charge of her career. And she also has informed me that she does not want her father to work with [proposed new management firm] Bessemer Trust.”

While Lynne’s lawyer advocated that the court grant Ingham’s request, Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, immediately took an adversarial stance, calling her client a “perfect conservator” and bashing the request. “My client, Mr. Spears, has specifically and solely consented to the appointment of Bessemer as a co-conservator,” Thoreen said, attacking Ingham’s characterization of Britney’s wishes as “hearsay.” “I don’t believe there is a shred of evidence to support my client’s suspension,” she said as Jamie listened silently.

Judge Penny ultimately denied the request to suspend Jamie that day, but she told Ingham she would reconsider if he filed it as a petition from his client. He never did. The next major hearing in the case was June 23, 2021, when Britney made her blockbuster statement to Judge Penny, calling the conservatorship “cruel” and “abusive” and saying she wanted to sue her dad.

Soon after Jamie Lynn appeared on the podcast, #FreeBritney fans started piling on. Some demanded Spotify cancel Daddy for giving her a platform. Many pointed out that Jamie Lynn’s manager is still Lou Taylor, the head of Britney’s former management firm Tri Star and a major villain in the eyes the movement. They also blasted Cooper for not confronting Jamie Lynn over her ongoing connection to Taylor.

According to Britney’s new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, Tri Star has been less than forthcoming throughout his ongoing forensic review of the conservatorship that was terminated Nov. 12. Meanwhile, a Tri Star executive purportedly was involved in the alleged surveillance campaign that tracked, mirrored, and recorded Britney’s private communications at Jamie’s request, at least according to a security firm whistleblower who first spoke to the New York Times.

Thousands of Britney fans have been leaving blistering comments on the Daddy Instagram post promoting the Jamie Lynn interview. “Those who listened and think this ‘clears JL’ aren’t educated in the FreeBritney movement. Alex didn’t ask hard questions,” one comment posted Thursday read. Others went after Ingham as well. But overwhelmingly, Jamie Lynn bore the brunt of criticism.

Both Lou Taylor and Jamie Lynn’s lawyer did not respond to an email from Rolling Stone requesting comment on Friday.

At the end of her appearance on the “Daddy” podcast, Jamie Lynn decried people “inserting themselves into our situation” and “encouraging” strife in her family. “All I want to do is love and support my sister and end this nonsense,” she said.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby No. 2 With Chris Pratt




Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Expecting Baby No. 2

Everything is awesome because Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have welcomed another child together.

The adorable newborn, named Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt, was born on May 21, joining big sister Lyla Maria21 months. “We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter,” the duo wrote on Instagram May 22. “Mama and baby are doing well. We feel beyond blessed and grateful. Love, Katherine and Chris.” Chris also co-parents his son Jack, 9, with ex Anna Faris.  

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor, 42, and best-selling author, 32, confirmed that they were expecting their second child together in December 2021. On the same day, Katherine was photographed with a baby bump while out and about in Los Angeles.   

While they have both shared the most un-bear-ably adorable photos of Lyla and Jack on their respective Instagram accounts in the past, the couple have tried to protect their little ones by not publicly showing their faces online. 

“I think one of the greatest gifts that my parents ever gave me and my siblings is the gift of privacy and having a really normal upbringing,” Katherine, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, told Today in March 2021, “or as normal of an upbringing as possible.”


She continued, “We had a really normal and magical childhood, and we were allowed to kind of be our own people and have our own identity and kind of choose to step into whatever form of being public we wanted to when we felt comfortable. That was such an incredible gift to have given us kids.” 

But the family’s newest addition might not remain the youngest child—at least, if Chris has anything to say about it. In July 2021, the Tomorrow War star told E! News’ Daily Pop that “I would love to have more [children], as many as the man upstairs will provide.”  

He added, “We’ll do it. I’ll probably have to talk to Katherine about that but my plan is, let’s go.” 

While reflecting on starting a family with Katherine, Chris shared that there is one thing that hasn’t changed: the amount of love he has for his kids.  

“The high common denominator is just kind of this unquenchable desire to want to be close to them, be next to them, to protect them and love them,” he shared. “It’s the best.” 

Watch Daily Pop weekdays at 11 a.m., only on E!.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger welcomes second baby with Chris Pratt, his third




May 22, 2022 | 9:38pm

Katherine Schwarzenegger gave birth to her and Chris Pratt’s second child together, the actor’s third, on Saturday.

“We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt,” Pratt, 42, announced on Instagram on Sunday.

“Mama and baby are doing well. We feel beyond blessed and grateful. Love, Katherine and Chris.”

News broke in December 2021 that the “Gift of Forgiveness” author, 32, was pregnant with baby No. 2.

While the then-expectant star stepped out with her baby bump on display that same month, she did not publicly address her pregnancy until March.

“Preggo mamas tell me if you, too, can only drink ice cold water,” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter captioned an Instagram video at the time.

Katherine was similarly private about her pregnancy with 1-year-old daughter Lyla.

Since the little one’s arrival in August 2020, the “Maverick and Me” author and Pratt have kept Lyla’s face off social media.

Katherine explained this decision to Hoda Kotb during a March 2021 “Today” show appearance, saying, “I didn’t grow up with social media being a thing at all. … I feel like we share so much in today’s world.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger
The author’s pregnancy news broke in December 2021.

The Los Angeles native added, “I think one of the greatest gifts that my parents ever gave me and my siblings is the gift of privacy and having a really normal upbringing, or as normal of an upbringing as possible.

“We had a really normal and magical childhood, and we were allowed to kind of be our own people and have our own identity and kind of choose to step into whatever form of being public we wanted to when we felt comfortable.”

Katherine called the experience an “incredible” gift from Arnold, 74, and her mom, Maria Shriver.

A selfie of Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger and daughter Lyla on a beach.
The couple’s daughter Lyla arrived in August 2020.

Pratt and his ex-wife, Anna Faris, on the other hand, have not hidden their 9-year-old son, Jack, from their social media followers.

Want more celebrity and pop culture news?

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The former couple, who were married from 2009 to 2018, currently co-parent Jack.

“Chris and I work really hard,” Faris, 45, told “Entertainment Tonight” in January 2019. “That is sort of the long-game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy.”

The “Jurassic World” star moved on with Katherine in 2018, and they wed in June of the following year.

The “Rock What You’ve Got” author is a “wonderful” stepparent, Pratt told his Instagram followers in a birthday tribute.

“I simply can’t imagine how lost I’d be without you,” the “Parks and Recreation” alum gushed via Instagram in December 2021.

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Rudy Takes Break From Parade to Yell at Stranger on the Street




Not content with limiting his wild and outrageous political views to his podcast, Rudy Giuliani got into a screaming match with an unidentified heckler Sunday while marching in a parade.

Giuliani was marching in New York City’s Celebrate Israel Parade behind Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday when an onlooker began to shout at him. Giuliani then stepped to the side to yell back. The beginning of the comments are difficult to discern — it seems like they’re shouting about crime statistics — but Giuliani eventually barks, “Me! I reduced crime, you jackass!”

As the other man continued yelling, Giuliani screamed back, “You are a brainwashed asshole. I am a class act! … You are probably as demented as Biden!” The exchange can be seen in a video posted to Twitter by The Forward’s senior political reporter, Jacob Kornbluh. Shortly after the shouting ended, Giuliani returned to marching in the parade, smiling and waving an Israel flag.

Marching behind Mayor Adams is @RudyGiuliani who gets into a shouting match with a Democrat.

“You are a jackass… You are a brainwashed asshole… you are probably as demented as Biden,” Giuliani told the guy

Watch the video 👇

— Jacob Kornbluh (@jacobkornbluh) May 22, 2022

The president’s former personal lawyer, who spearheaded Trump’s efforts in court to overturn the 2020 election results, is fresh off his Friday testimony to the Jan. 6 committee. According to sources who spoke with CNN, Giuliani met with the committee for more than nine hours. Giuliani has also been under federal investigation as authorities look into his Ukraine activities and whether he broke lobbying laws as Trump’s attorney.

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