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Kanye West ‘controlling’ Julia Fox like ‘he did Kim,’ insiders say




Julia Fox makes no bones about who she is, or what she wants.

Shortly before finding fame in the 2019 movie “Uncut Gems,” the actress admitted on the “We Met At Acme” podcast: “I’m just really about money, and I like living comfortably, it’s difficult to balance that and a man in this town.”

Now, it seems, the former downtown party girl has found both.

In a romance made — and seemingly curated — for the tabloids, Fox, 31, is dating Kanye West after meeting the mercurial rapper on New Year’s Eve in Miami.

On Wednesday, the couple partied at Los Angeles celebrity haunt Delilah’s with Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, Evan Ross and West’s new bestie, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown. Fox was dressed in low-slung leather pants that left nothing to the imagination.

Fox started dating Kanye West (left) after meeting the rapper on New Year's Eve in Miami.
Fox started dating Kanye West after meeting the rapper on New Year’s Eve in Miami.

“Julia and Kanye are kindred spirits: She’s really just a fame whore and he’s looking for someone to mold,” said one NYC socialite who knows Fox. “Julia doesn’t hide the fact that she loves all of this. The whole thing is like performance art.”

The pair have been inseparable since they met, with their dates been documented not only by the paparazzi but also West’s personal photographer. The 44-year-old rapper has even dressed Fox up like his own Barbie, much like he did with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, whom she once said made her cry when he threw out nearly all of her clothes.

“Kanye’s doing with Julia what he did to Kim,” said a Kardashian source. “He’s controlling what she wore — making sure she appears as the set image that he has in his mind.”

Up until her star turn in “Uncut Gems,” in which she plays Adam Sandler’s young and ambitious lover, Fox was best known for her antics on the NYC social scene.

Julia Fox's big break was the 2019 film
Julia Fox’s big break was the 2019 film “Uncut Gems” with Adam Sandler.
Everett Collection

“I photographed Julia all the time, she was my muse. She was into drugs, she was crazy, but everyone liked her,” a source told The Post. “She hung around the Lower East Side. Her culture was the bars, the graffiti scene, the nightlife. She was making clothing with her friends and modeling for artists.”

The source added that Fox was into wealthy, older men who could take care of her.

“She had a sugar daddy who got her a place in Soho,” the source said. “It was this older guy. She had this place with an elevator that opened right up into the apartment, and she was driving a Mercedes. She didn’t have a job, so we knew this guy was paying.”

Fox and ex Peter Artemiev share son Valentino.
Fox and ex Peter Artemiev share son Valentino.
Getty Images for Tribeca Festiva

In an extremely unfiltered chat back in February 2018, Fox told the “Acme” podcast that, indeed, lines were blurred with one of her exes.

“I had this ‘daddy’ phase … I had an older boyfriend for six years, and yeah, he was rich. But like, it wasn’t a sugar daddy,” she said. “A sugar daddy is like, ‘we f–k, you leave me money’ … I’ve never done anything like that.”

“All of a sudden I have Mercedes Benz and Chanel coming out of my a– and [people thought] either, oh, I have a sugar daddy, or I’m a prostitute. No one ever considers the fact that no, maybe we were in love … I have his name tattooed on my finger.”

The curvaceous brunette was born in Milan and moved to NYC when she was 6, with her contractor dad, Thomas, and younger brother Chris. Her mother, Graziella Mercanti, stayed behind in Italy with another younger brother, family sources confirmed to The Post.

They moved to Yorkville but, she told High Snobiety in December 2019, “It was kind of unstable. We were homeless at one point.”

Later, Fox bounced from school to school, including City-As-School in the West Village.

She told Rolling Stone how she was arrested as a teen for shoplifting clothes from Bloomingdales, and has been open about her struggles with heroin and pills, suffering a near-fatal drug overdose at 17. Fox has said she is now sober after joining Narcotics Anonymous and has met a few boyfriends through the program.

Fox has been open about her wild-child past growing up in Manhattan.
Fox has been open about her wild-child past growing up in Manhattan.

She also worked as a dominatrix. “You have to really have a good sense of humor [about it]. You see the craziest s–t ,” she told the Acme podcast, adding that she had peed on a guy “and made [him] drink it,” but said she had never touched any of her clients, or slept with them, as “that’s illegal.”

Fox has long been a Page Six fixture. In 2015, she featured within the column’s pages after her ex Teddy Perweiler, the owner of former Chinatown hotspot Happy Ending, was arrested for allegedly attacking her. The case was later dismissed and Perweiler was ordered to pay $600 to Fox, who was an investor in the club.

The actress has said that her “Uncut Gems” was a case of art mirroring life: “I was a bit of a wild child, and dating an older, married man, [so] I do feel like I am playing a 2012 version of myself,” she told V magazine.

Fox also recalled how filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie, would mine her life for anecdotes. “Josh [Safdie] would ask me, ‘What would you do if you were in a fight with your boyfriend, and you needed to manipulate him?’” Fox recalled.

Julia Fox (L) and Kanye West are seen in Greenwich Village on January 04, 2022.
Fox and West went to see “Slave Play” on one of their first dates (above). Playwright Jeremy Harris told Page Six that sales for the Broadway show “basically quadrupled … because of the ‘Julia-Ye effect.’”
GC Images

It seemed that she had settled down when she and Peter Artemiev, who runs streetwear brand New York Robbery had son Valentino in January 2020. The couple, who are not believed to have married, reportedly split last year.

Over Christmas, Fox raged at Artemiev in a two-day rant on her Instagram Stories, accusing him of being an absent “dead beat alcoholic drug addict dad” who could be found at a strip joints.

“This man left me with a 5-month-old and a dog and a home and ALL THE BILLS. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair,” she seethed.

Artemiev responded: “I was saddened to learn of the utterly false statements made on social media by Julia Fox, my co-parent, who is clearly struggling. Out of respect for her privacy and to protect our child, I will not comment further.” He was unavailable to comment for this story.

Fox met Kanye over New Year and the rapper wined and dined her at Carbone, dressing her in the latest looks from Diesel. Last week she recounted their first dates — saying they had an “instant connection” — for Interview magazine, which featured PDA-heavy photos of the lovebirds.

“It was only a matter of time before Julia and Kanye met. She runs in fashion and music circles,” said the socialite who knows her.

One of Fox’s best friends is Cole Huvane, who works on rapper Travis Scott’s team. Scott had one child, and is expecting another, with Kylie Jenner. Friends say Fox has also worked with Lorraine Schwartz, who is West’s estranged wife Kim Kardashian’s jeweler of choice.


Fox and West partied this week with Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown and others.



Fox and West have been dating since meeting on New Year’s Eve in Miami.



Fox has been open about her wild-child past.


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“I mean, ‘Edward Scissorhands?’ Let’s face it, if you come…

Fox has also made it no secret that she’s obsessed with Kardashian.

During a December episode of her Spotify podcast Forbidden Fruits with co-host Niki Takesh, Fox looked back on the pop culture events of 2021, at one point discussing West’s divorce with Kardashian and the latter’s subsequent moving on with Pete Davidson. (Coincidentally, Fox and Davidson happened to star on Paper magazine’s November 2019 cover together.)

Fox admitted that she has long been a “die-hard” fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: “I, like, wanted them to be my family.”

The Kardashian source told The Post: “Kim is happy for Kanye … they have a really good co-parenting thing going on right now, and he seems to be having relatively stable mental health at the moment.”

Fox and a model got freaky at Dec. 03, 2021, Playboy bash in Miami Beach.
Fox and a model got freaky at a Playboy bash in Miami Beach on Dec. 3, 2021.
Getty Images for Playboy Enterp

But perhaps West should watch out. As Fox warned on the “Acme” podcast: “I was thinking if I had a boyfriend and he posted a selfie and then it got thousands of likes I would be going through each and every single one of those likes.

“I would rather my boyfriend not have an Instagram or any friends at all, for that matter. Like, I should be his only friend.”

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Saba Announces ‘Few Good Things: The Short Film’ Digital Streaming Event




Saba will present Few Good Things: The Short Film on Monday, January 31st and Tuesday, February 1st in support of his highly anticipated Few Good Things album, which will be released on February 4th. The international premiere will be broadcast live on Moment House, a premium social live media platform, and will be followed by a discussion between Saba and film director C.T. Robert, led by Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins.

Saba’s moment will air on Moment House on Monday, January 31st and Tuesday, February 1st and will be broadcast across North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa. Please consult the table below for live stream dates and timings by territory, as well as other information on Moment House’s website.

unnamed 1 10
unnamed 1 10

“The concept of ‘Few Good Things’ is the realization of self after a search for exterior fulfillment,” said Saba“It is the satisfaction and completeness you gain by simply living a life that is yours. Few is a small number, but few is not lonely. In the face of all adversity, a few good things is recognizing and accepting blessings. Few is to count them, one by one – an empty glass is full of air, an empty bank is full of lessons., and an empty heart is full of memories. Few good things is to grow comfortable with the empty, and despite that, finding your fullness.”

Film director C.T. Robert adds, “As a storyteller, I’ve always been drawn to stories that attempt to identify what makes us who we are. The ones that ask questions like: ‘What does having everything you need really look like?’ ‘Is it sitting at a dinner table with your loved ones?’ ‘Is it waking up next to the woman you love?’ ‘Is it having cherished memories for all of those you care for, those still in the physical and those who passed on?’”

Tickets for the short film can be purchased here.

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Elvis Costello Delivers Energetic Performance of ‘Farewell, OK’ on ‘Colbert’




Elvis Costello and the Imposters took to the stage on Friday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to give a rousing performance of “Farewell, OK,” the lead track from the group’s latest album, The Boy Named If.

The song tells the story of a relationship gone off the rails, with one party wondering how things might have gone differently. “Ran my hand in the rhythm along the ballroom wall,” Costello sings. “Felt the rumble of the bass through the entrance hall/ And the door flung open to a mascara cry/ I can’t shake the sound of ‘How could you or why?’”

“Like a lot of good rock and roll songs this began with a drummer down in a basement and a singer howling outside the backdoor,” Costello said in a statement about the track. “It’s a blurred gaze, a drink too much, an accidental punch and a kiss goodnight all in the tumult of a dancehall.”

The My Aim is True rocker also surprised the audience with a rendition of his classic hit, “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.” The song, which appeared on Costello’s 1979 LP Armed Forces, was originally written by English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe.

The Boy Named If dropped earlier this month. In an interview about the album for Rolling Stone’s Last Word column, Costello shared what still attracts him to writing rock music after nearly five decades in the business.

“I don’t like much rock music. I like rock & roll,” the 67-year-old said. “I think if you lose the roll part, a lot of the fun goes out of it.”

Costello is set to hit the road this summer in support of The Boy Named If with a short UK tour. Most information about the shows can be found on Costello’s website.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in Multi-Car Accident




Joseph Baena Dishes on Acting & Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car crash on Friday, Jan. 21, his rep confirmed to NBC News.

Per TMZ, the former governor of California was driving his SUV in Los Angeles when he allegedly collided with a red Prius around 5 p.m. The outlet published photos of Schwarzenegger, 74, on the scene of a crash.

A spokesperson for the LAPD told E! News that officers responded to a four-vehicle crash on Sunset Blvd, after one vehicle “landed” on top of another. One woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital with “minor abrasions,” per the spokesperson, who added that her injuries are not life threatening.

Police did not confirm the identities of the people involved in the accident.

The actor’s rep told NBC News, “His main concern is for the woman from the other vehicle.”

E! News reached out to Schwarzenegger’s rep for comment but has not heard back. Per TMZ, Schwarzenegger is OK.

The Terminator star shares four children (Katherine, Patrick, Christopher and Christina) with ex Maria Shriver and son Joseph Baena with his former housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena.

Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

Earlier this week, Joseph spoke on the Unwaxed podcast about his relationship with his dad. 

“I’m so close to my dad and we joke about everything,” he shared. “He always wants to hear about the drama. He’s like, ‘Tell me everything! Tell me the drama. Tell me about these girls.'”

But Joseph noted, “I also have to point out that with my relationship with my dad, it took a little while for me and him to get really close and just joke around with him and talk about anything.”

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